What I Do

Some experience and education:

Blogging and writing experience:

I am happy to provide:

  • Creative content writing: I love finding the fitting phrase, and sharing local news stories, especially if they highlight the positive going on all around us.
  • Instructional material: I’ve earned five years experience educating children with autism, and am a lifetime student with some course work for you to peruse. My passion is philosophy.
  • Inspiration and apologetics:  You may need a certified apologist, with an ever-expanding knowledge base in order to broaden the understanding of your audience. Many of the items in my portfolio above and in the menu to the right are examples of this.
  • Social media assistance: I will find great quotes for your updates and tweets, among other strategies, like auto-publishing between your social media accounts so you don’t have to do anything more than once. I am well-familiar with Facebook (pages, groups, events), Twitter, Google+, Hangouts, Skype, YouTube, YouVersion, Paper.li, LinkedIn, Hootsuite (bulk scheduler), and Pinterest.
  • Google Drive: Docs, Sheets, collaborations, resource sharing between ministries
  • Websites: WordPress, Blogger, scheduled posts, featured images, contact forms, pages, menus, auto-publish to social media, widgets (no coding)
  • Proofreading and editing: Though I do not have perfect grammar, I have found that it is better than the average bear’s.
  • Transcription: from audio/video to text.
  • Research and synopses: See some of my course work above.
  • Information gathering: Similar to research, but for dummies. Contact sheets of key ministries and media, et cetera.
  • Curriculum: quizzes, reading plans, discussion questions, et cetera.
  • Amazon: aStore, author pages, affiliate links, et cetera.
  • Email and phone correspondence: I will help keep you connected with various entities to ensure we fill in each other’s gaps, are on the same page, and meet deadlines.
  • Organizational: Gap analysis and consolidation. Time budgeting and scheduling.
  • Images: Screenshots, editing in Preview on Mac. (Very basic, but surprisingly useful.)
  • News releases.


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