Modesto Mural Map

I took liberties to add another mural to the MODESTO MURAL MAP (below) put out by Murals in Motown and Fasm Creative. The latest mural is The Burnt End by Vincent Cabrera, owner of Painted Ape Gallery and Tattoos. Watch him in action at the mural this past Monday here.

If you like watching LIVE art, put this on your calendar: Fasm Creative Battle 6 – Seven Artists from Around the World.

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Why do bad/good things happen to good/bad people?

Why-Do-Bad-Things-Happen-to-Good-People1-930x300Thesis: Bad things happen to bad people, good things happen to good people (according to Job’s friends, Pharisees, & prosperity preachers…& those who believe in karma).

Antithesis: Good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people (according to Job, Jonah, and King Solomon) (the problem of evil & suffering).

Synthesis: God loves both the same, so bad/good things happen to good/bad people (according to Jesus, Paul, and just all throughout Scripture…this is the Gospel…love despite circumstances…).

Unfortunately, that answer doesn’t satisfy everyone. See the discussion that followed in this Facebook thread.

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#Good: Still thinking about QoW #379

b4472-16678638-abstract-word-cloud-for-anti-realism-with-related-tags-and-termsHi Dr. Craig. Still chewing on QoW #379. I keep coming back to this video, especially Q & A, especially 01:01:07 & context … do you address Aquinas & divine simplicity (as relates to the rest of my question below) in your current lectures?

Also, does this correctly represent your view?… Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season to Study the Virgin Birth with Your Kids

JesusInFocus_VirginBirth-300x300My high school aged sons and I were recently offered a free review of the first lesson in a new youth apologetics video curriculum by Mikel Del Rosario, the Apologetics Guy. Knowing that Mikel is *already* accessible, we had to see what this new curriculum specifically targeted to youth is all about. The curriculum is called Jesus in Focus, and this first lesson is called Is the Virgin Birth a True Story?. Could the timing be better, with Christmas right around the corner?

While everyone else was out in the craziness on Black Friday, we saved ourselves an hour of madness and geared up for Christmas studying the virgin birth. What better way to kick off the holidays? You know it’s going to come up soon at school, in the media, and basically everywhere. Continue reading

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Why does God allow sin? A bit of a different take.

This question was submitted by a woman via email in preparation for an apologetics discussion my sister and I held this past weekend at a women’s retreat hosted by Redeemer Modesto, our church home.

why-did-god-allow-the-possibility-of-evil-and-suffering_t51I want to share my answer here, because it is a bit different from the usual answer you encounter when you study apologetics. It does not require taking the Fall narrative in Genesis literally, and allows for (but does not require) theistic evolution. We all agree that things are messed up, even if we don’t take the Fall narrative literally. Unlike what you normally encounter, the answer below doesn’t blame all negative junk on the Fall, nor promise that Heaven will be pain-free. Continue reading

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Kindly tilling out obstacles is the work of gospel-rooted apologetics

Apologetics is Kindly Tilling the Ground
Apologetics kindly tills out obstacles against a firmly rooted faith.

The sunset with which God greeted our journey home after the retreat.

My sister (Laura) and I had the privilege of holding an apologetics discussion this weekend with a group of women from Redeemer Modesto (our home church) who were on retreat in Twain Harte. She and I had three prep sessions together leading up to the retreat. I enjoyed those sessions with my sis as much as I enjoyed the actual discussion. Laura is the life of the party, and I could not have done it without her. It is much more interesting to provoke laughter with “The ‘sheep’ need to follow His voice, not just the sheep butt in front of them,” (Laura) than focus solely on the dry reality that it is okay to ask (seek… knock…), even if no one else is asking the important questions. Continue reading

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Top phone apps for deeper Bible study and apologetics

Download these phone apps for deeper Bible study and apologetics (answers and evidence), listed in no particular order:

1. ColdCaseChristianityApp Cold Case Christianity – J. Warner Wallace

2. EQUIPapp EQUIP (Bible Answer Man)

3. Untitled Doubt Busters

4. Untitled1 Real Truth Real Quick

5. Untitled9 STR (Stand to Reason) Continue reading

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#DefundPP ASAP: Urge your senators to vote yes on S.1881

#DefundPP #PPSellsBabyParts

Slavery on demand and without apology!
Genocide on demand and without apology!
Abortion on demand and without apology!
Please read:

The Senate is voting at 5:30pm EST to potentially defund Planned Parenthood after the abortion giant was exposed as illegally adapting procedures, sometimes using partial birth abortion, to profit from the sell of organs. Some say this is pointless because Obama will veto, but our senators need to know the rational American voice is strongly opposed to what Planned Parenthood is doing. See my last post for an introduction, and more things you can do. It would be encouraging if you would reply once you take action.

Here’s what I’m up to on this, and I hope you’ll get up to it, too, if you’re not already:

Here are the senators to contact, beyond your own: Susan Collins​, Joe Manchin III​, Joe Donnelly​, Heidi Heitkamp​, Robert P. Casey, Jr.​, Lisa Murkowski​, Mark Kirk​ (here’s why) Continue reading

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Premeditated organ harvesting via partial birth abortion & what you can do to stop it.

UPDATE 7/21: Second Planned Parenthood Senior Executive Caught On Undercover Video. Dr. Mary Gatter, President of the Planned Parenthood Medical Directors’ Council, who now oversees the Pasadena affiliate (sold to Novogenix through the Los Angeles affiliate before that), haggles over the price, admits “Ian” will change the procedure so it is less “crunchy” — so as to produce an in tact (alive) “specimen”. On to the original post…but how many other undercover videos are there left to release?

Update 8/3: Obviously, there have been more vids. Watch all of them. Contact your senators and urge them to defund Planned Parenthood.


Continue reading

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The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas

indexThe CAA read The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas: Paul’s Mars Hill Experience for Our Pluralistic World by Paul Copan and Kenneth D. Litwak, as part of Apologetics 315’s weekly Read Along program. This took place August through October. Each week, an audio introduction from Paul Copan was provided for that week’s chapter, along with a brief synopsis and study questions. We were also able to connect with other readers in the comments on Apologetics 315, or on the Christian Apologetics Alliance Facebook page/group.

After having given it some time to blend flavors, I am now prepared to give my thoughts on the book. These were my initial thoughts before starting the Read Along. Note that this review does not go through the book by walking through it from beginning to end, due to its reuse of or expansion on the same material at different parts of the text, rather than keeping similar topics together. We will let the reader decide if that is a format they prefer to read. For me, it felt kind of scattered.

Read Along Index: The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas

Copan and Litwak begin with a nice sketch of our current cultural landscape as being multicultural, relativistic, secularized, and post-Christian. They define a worldview as a philosophy of life that reflects a deeper heart commitment and answers questions like Why am I here? Why does anything exist at all? What am I to do or think? How can my life have any meaning? Later they define worldview as “an articulation of the basic beliefs embedded in a shared grand story that are rooted in a faith commitment and that give shape and direction to the whole of our individual and corporate lives.” They lay out the problem: Most people today, even those calling themselves Christians, only know a caricature of Christianity, so that if ever they come into conversation with a knowledgeable Christian, a lot of what the Christian communicates is filtered through a faulty worldview and so is lost in translation. The first hurdle to overcome is to make sure we know what their worldview is, including their view of Christianity, so that we speak their language and nothing is lost in translation. We are the ones with a message to deliver, and so we are the ones who need to learn how to speak their language—not the other way around. Continue reading

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