#Good: Still thinking about QoW #379

b4472-16678638-abstract-word-cloud-for-anti-realism-with-related-tags-and-termsHi Dr. Craig. Still chewing on QoW #379. I keep coming back to this video, especially Q & A, especially 01:01:07 & context … do you address Aquinas & divine simplicity (as relates to the rest of my question below) in your current lectures?


Also, does this correctly represent your view?…

1. Numbers. Anti-realist that they exist as abstractions apart from God. Mathematical statements have only logical, not ontological, truth.

2. The Good. Anti-realist that it exists as abstraction apart from God. When moral statements are true, they are not merely logically true — they are true to God’s being. So you’re not really anti-realist here, since you grant the Good’s ontology is God…right? (I would argue this was what Socrates was birthing in his dialogue with Euthyphro.)

Question A: How do you answer someone who believes moral truths are logically, not ontologically, true?

Question B: Couldn’t your answer to question A be adapted, in combination with what Socrates was actually getting at, to obliterate anti-realism or “merely logically true”-ism with respect to mathematical truth?

And since I’ve made no reference to concepts in God’s mind…is my view conceptualism, or just divine essentialism?

Thanks :)

Note: Just submitted the above as a new question of the week. Hopeful.

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