Apologetics Toolbox

I am starting an apologetics toolbox for my sons and wanted to make it available to others.  The cool thing about a toolbox is you can add to it–consider this a starter kit.

Many of these links will be revised, and many will be added.

Why is apologetics so important?

Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Faith for Kids” summary with commentary
“Objections to Faith” by David Spikes (12 yrs. old)

Blog index for Douglas Groothuis’ “Christian Apologetics:  A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith”

It is okay and good to question our beliefs.

It just happened, eh?  “If the earth were a golfball” and the scale of the universe.

WLC makes plain the Ontological Argument

Poll:  What grounds objective moral truth?

The Moral Argument

Leibnizian Moral Argument?

Problem: If God is good and all-powerful, why does he not prevent evil, suffering and hell?

“The Problem of Evil” by Ethan Spikes (almost 16 yrs. old)

Glimpse of Eternity (something from Don Richardson showing God did not evolve w/ kings)

Who Wrote the Gospels? by Timothy McGrew

Tim McGrew | External/Internal Evidence

Why did the apostles go from being afraid to being bold?

Peter Williams on how the Gospels get people, places and plants right

Three reasons we know the Gospels are telling the truth.

Chart comparing NT manuscripts to ancient documents
Better one. (though “reliability” is not the right word)

A “Twelve Facts” resurrection logic puzzle

WLC’s case for the resurrection

Evidence for Easter

Peter Stoner’s probabilities of Jesus fulfilling 8 prophecies over which He had no human control

Sir Robert Anderson’s calculations linking Daniel’s “Seventy Weeks” prophecy and Jesus’ crucifixion

Blog Discussion and Sermon Ideas for Tim Keller’s “The Reason for God”

The Bible as a Narrative

“Christian Apologetics” (Groothuis) Read Along with Apologetics 315 (buy book)

Biola Certificate in Apologetics

My Testimony – If you have a testimony, it is evidence for you and those who knew you.

(more to come)

Apologetics Toolbox folder covers :)
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