Is there no truth, are all beliefs true, or is there only one truth?

cropped-contradict01This is something to consider in relationship to these objections to the objective truth of Christianity:

1) Claiming that Christianity is “the” truth steps on other people’s toes.

2) Science doesn’t even know the answers, and yet you claim to.

3) Like saying chocolate is your favorite icecream, faith equals opinion.

I jotted down those three objections during a round table discussion at a Reasonable Faith chapter meeting back in January and am finally getting around to including them in this post.

These are the options regarding objective truth:

No truth: The idea that it is true that there is no truth is self-contradictory. If there is no truth, the statement “there is no truth” cannot be true, either.

All true: “To deem all beliefs equally true is sheer nonsense for the simple reason that to deny that statement would also, then, be true,” (4, Zacharias, “Jesus Among Other Gods”). So, if you deem all beliefs true, then you deem true even the belief that “Not all beliefs are true.”

One truth: That is what we are left with, and what we ought to do our best to seek until we find it (or until it finds us).

Students of logic:  Regarding the square of opposition… The options are some/all/no. In my post, one=some, but the some is only one, because 1) there is only one reality to which all true beliefs may correspond, so that 2) the points where various conflicting and distinct worldviews agree and are true, correspond to one reality. If one takes away all the false, conflicting beliefs from every worldview, only one true worldview can be left.

In reply to the above objections: We can seek truth without trying to offend people, and if we avoid that pursuit in order to please sensitive people, we need to work on our boundary issues. Sometimes science does get it right, which can be seen in the progress it has made, and we can get it right by examining the historical evidence for the resurrection and the arguments for God’s existence from natural theology. And, lastly, genuine faith equals trust and is never blind (See Genuine faith is never blind).

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