Blog Discussion and Sermon Ideas for Tim Keller’s "The Reason for God"

I have moved everything from here (on my forum) to here (on the blog you are currently reading).

Below is an online book discussion of Tim Keller’s The Reason for God, originally posted at, followed by some ideas I submitted to Redeemer Modesto’s sermon group.  Those ideas turned into an actual sermon series, and links to each sermon are provided.

Blog Discussion

RFG Intro: Best of Left and Right; Doubting Doubts

RFG 1: There Can’t Be Just One True Religion

RFG 2: How Could a Good God Allow Suffering?

RFG 3: Christianity is a Straightjacket

RFG 4: The Church Is Responsible for So Much Injustice

RFG 5: How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?

RFG 6: Has Science Disproved Christianity?

RFG 7: You Can’t Take the Bible Literally & Intermission

RFG 8: The Clues of God

RFG 9: The Knowledge of God

RFG 10: The Problem of Sin

RFG 11: Religion and the Gospel

RFG 12: The (True) Story of the Cross

RFG 13: The Reality of the Resurrection

RFG 14: The Dance of God & Epilogue: Where Do We Go from Here?

RFG Summary

Sermon Series Ideas

Actual sermon series:

RFG sermon series ideas: The Truth–Why?

RFG sermon series ideas: Speak the Truth in Love

RFG sermon series ideas: Faith, Reason and the Clues of God

RFG sermon series ideas: The Problem

RFG sermon series ideas: Let’s Dance

RFG sermon series ideas: The Solution

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