Sword & Sacrifice Philosophy TOC

The Sword and the Sacrifice Philosophy

This work-in-progress (full text) is inspired by and written in reply to “The Knife and the Wound Philosophy,” published by my friend, Wolfgang Carstens. Constructive criticism, questions and discussion are always welcome. Contact here or via e-mail at ichthus77@hotmail.com. Thanks, Maryann Spikes

WARNING: This is in DIRE NEED of editing!!! It’s been quite a while…and please forgive all the wikipedia links in the references…

Table of Contents

Why Ethics?

Moral Truth Litmus

A Natural Capacity for Discovering the Supernatural Standard

Gleaning through the Market Place of Competing Ethical Theories

How Should We Be? “Essentialist” Virtue

Classical (Greek) Virtue Theory

What Should We Do? Deontology

Deontology: “Don’t hate me ‘cause I’m dutiful.”

Morality and Legal Justice

What Should Result? Consequentialism


Free to Be or Not to Be…

Virtue Revisited
The Virtue of Authenticity—

Consequentialism Revisited

Weeding out Egoism

Conduct Revisited

Weeding out Relativism

The Sword and the Sacrifice Philosophy

The Greater Good View

Appendix A: Dialectics Glossary

Appendix B: The Four Horsemen and the Hunger

Appendix C: The Logic of the Essentialism Dialectic

Appendix D: Quiz: Are You an Essentialist or a Voluntarist?

Appendix E: Glossary of Answered Criticisms of the Golden Rule

Appendix F: Six Moral Realist Dialectics (Non-interchangeable)

Appendix G: Synthesizing Golden Rule Variations and Competing Ethical Theories

References and Notes


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