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Tasty-Easy Chicken Dinner-in-a-Hurry Casserole

This is a variation of a recipe I found a long time ago that calls for hamburger instead of chicken, mushroom soup instead of celery soup, and doesn’t make you cook the tots first, so they end up mushy (and … Continue reading

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Facebooked food pics, with recipes

Christmas Cookie Decorating Ingredients: Sugar cookies in Christmas shapes Cream cheese cake frosting Food coloring Candy sprinkles Directions: 1.  Put cake frosting in as many bowls as you have colors. 2.  Color the cake frosting with food coloring until you’ve … Continue reading

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Mexican Mountains recipe

An old family favorite my mom found when I was a young’n:  Mexican Mountains (my recipe on Taste Book)!  It’s a do-it-yourself type of taco salad w/o the shell, and makes a great buffet-style meal at a large gathering of family … Continue reading

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