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It rained that day.

It rained that day. If something life-changing is imminent, “It rained that day” inserts itself like a hypnotic suggestion into my mind, telling me I can weather this storm, too. Things never stop changing, and it usually doesn’t rain.  It’s … Continue reading

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At Coffee with the Euthyphro Dilemma

Maryann, Dawkins, and Harris are at coffee…Maryann pops off with… Maryann: It is a true fact that love…treating the other as self…is the highest value. Dawkins (pre-Moral Landscape): Nature neither knows nor cares. Nature just is. Maryann: Agreed. But the … Continue reading

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The Invisible Shepherd and the Wild Sheep

There was a shepherd who kept himself invisible from his sheep because the sight of him was so horrifying, more horrifying than a wolf, as to kill the sheep that saw him. The invisible shepherd knew there were some among … Continue reading

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