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Facebooked food pics, with recipes

Christmas Cookie Decorating Ingredients: Sugar cookies in Christmas shapes Cream cheese cake frosting Food coloring Candy sprinkles Directions: 1.  Put cake frosting in as many bowls as you have colors. 2.  Color the cake frosting with food coloring until you’ve … Continue reading

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Beyer Skate Park

My nephew stayed the night and the boys were up early playing games, so we hit CJ’s drive-thru for breakfast on the Beyer skate park bleachers: Lee got to come! The playground is in the background. The skate park is … Continue reading

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Roosevelt Park via Virginia Corridor Trailway

We finally got to check out the Virginia Corridor Trailway. Along the way we passed Roosevelt Park, so we stopped and played a little. Even ran into some old friends, the Sextons :) This is the bridge over Briggsmore:

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Kites at Orchard, Tennis at Graceada, Climbing at Moran Estates

We’ve been really busy lately but wanted to plunk down some pics for this blog.  We’ll try to keep this more updated. Flying Kites at Orchard Park:  MiMa bought the boys some dollar store kites for Easter, so they tried … Continue reading

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Calaveras for Mothers Day

Headed for the hills for Mothers Day and had a beautiful day at Calaveras Big Trees. :)  See slideshow.

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Rather than mope around all day sounding like a man from being sick for over a week, we up and headed for the hills to spend Mothers Day at Calaveras Big Trees.  The Dogwood Trees were in full bloom and … Continue reading

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Memories with Mom

A Mother’s Day tribute to Mom: My mom is an Elvis-loving Okie with mostly Irish roots, a public relations editor turned elementary school teacher.  She is putting the finishing touches on a biography of Nellie Cashman, a hero of a … Continue reading

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Go Nuts! at John Thurman Stadium

Today my mother-in-law Jae and her new hubby Bobby took us to a Nuts game at John Thurman Stadium. We got together with some of their church friends and tail-gated pizza, hotdogs, grapes, chips and sodas in the Neece parking … Continue reading

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Downey and Creekwood Park

Today, after a delightful Saturday breakfast which included chorizo for the first time, and after hitting up Starbucks (all decaf cuz I’m no dummy) we paid a visit to Brighton (Downey) Park and Creekwood Park. Brighton has a nice man-made … Continue reading

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