Downey and Creekwood Park

Today, after a delightful Saturday breakfast which included chorizo for the first time, and after hitting up Starbucks (all decaf cuz I’m no dummy) we paid a visit to Brighton (Downey) Park and Creekwood Park.

Brighton has a nice man-made rock formation, two swings and the usual play area with slides. I could smell barbecue from an elaborate birthday party in the picnic area. Apparently there was another play area I didn’t see but Ethan did. There was a tennis competition on the Downey Courts. The boys played tag with a couple other boys and had fun. Wish I had taken a picture. David took the first two below, of Creekwood.

Creekwood is much bigger and is landscaped with a dry creek bed with a bridge over it which you must cross to get to the play areas, which include one that looks like a ship and plenty of benches. There is a bigger play area than the ship and there are four swings. The boys removed a shoe string dangerously looping down from one of the slides. They are excited to see more parks.

The first park we went to that actually inspired this blog was Donnelly Park in Turlock, about a month ago. It has a big pond with ducks, geese and big fish that all compete for your pieces of bread. Two big play areas–one with a lot of wood. Great Park.  Notice in the pic the big fish mouth jumping up for that piece of bread!

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