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Local Changes Needed Re: Housing & Homelessness

Just passing on my vision for how to improve the situation locally, in view of global cooperation. What Needs to Change (begun May 30, 2018) – updated February 2023

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Counseling Theory & Basic Listening Sequence

Just passing on some of the knowledge I gleaned from obtaining my Psychology/Philosophy B.A. through Stanislaus State: Longer, but missing the below: My Integrated Counseling Theory Shorter, but missing the above: Basic Listening Sequence & 5 Stages of a Counseling … Continue reading

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Good News of the Kingdom

Good News of the Kingdom:

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Harmonic Triads

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Modesto Mural Map

I took liberties to add another mural to the MODESTO MURAL MAP (below) put out by Murals in Motown and Fasm Creative. The latest mural is The Burnt End by Vincent Cabrera, owner of Painted Ape Gallery and Tattoos. Watch … Continue reading

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Why do bad/good things happen to good/bad people?

Thesis: Bad things happen to bad people, good things happen to good people (according to Job’s friends, Pharisees, & prosperity preachers…& those who believe in ‪karma‬). Antithesis: Good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people … Continue reading

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#Good: Still thinking about QoW #379

Hi Dr. Craig. Still chewing on QoW #379. I keep coming back to this video, especially Q & A, especially 01:01:07 & context … do you address Aquinas & divine simplicity (as relates to the rest of my question below) … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season to Study the Virgin Birth with Your Kids

My high school aged sons and I were recently offered a free review of the first lesson in a new youth apologetics video curriculum by Mikel Del Rosario, the Apologetics Guy. Knowing that Mikel is *already* accessible, we had to see … Continue reading

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Why does God allow sin? A bit of a different take.

This question was submitted by a woman via email in preparation for an apologetics discussion my sister and I held this past weekend at a women’s retreat hosted by Redeemer Modesto, our church home. I want to share my answer … Continue reading

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Kindly tilling out obstacles is the work of gospel-rooted apologetics

Apologetics is Kindly Tilling the Ground Apologetics kindly tills out obstacles against a firmly rooted faith. My sister (Laura) and I had the privilege of holding an apologetics discussion this weekend with a group of women from Redeemer Modesto (our … Continue reading

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