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Hell or Heaven: What about those who have never heard the gospel?

“What about the unevangelized? What happens to those who have never heard the gospel?”  Some answer that such people are “without excuse” and reference Romans 1:18-32 and 2:14-15, Psalm 19:1-6, Romans 10:18. However… Being without excuse only means that Gentiles, like Jews … Continue reading

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Groothuis’ "Christian Apologetics" ch.25: The Problem of Evil

This chapter of Groothuis’ Christian Apologetics tackles the problem of evil.Related are the appendices dealing with hell and Old Testament issues.Groothuis tackles this issue last because one problem should not defeat the entire cumulative case for Christianity and against atheism–it doesn’t exist in a philosophical … Continue reading

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The hand of God vs chance

You know the charge that the ancients naively interpreted all acts of nature to be by the hand of God? I just read 1 Samuel 6:9b: “But if not, then we will know that it was not His hand that … Continue reading

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"God and Evolution" reading log from Facebook

Some months back, Wintery Knight generously (though with the ulterior motive of converting me from BioLogos to I.D.) sent me “God and Evolution” edited by Jay Richards.  I determined to finish it by the end of the year and did … Continue reading

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Philosophers’ Carnival call for submissions

I’ll be hosting the next Philosophers’ Carnival on June 27 (submit by June 25).  Email submission if need be. . Some topics I’d like to see in the submissions: How can an objectively true moral ‘ought’ correspond to the ‘is’ of reality? … Continue reading

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Just Love

When people say “God is both love and just” (usually when hell, or predestination vs. free will, is the topic) they make love and forgiveness look unjust, and they make justice look unloving and unforgiving. But true love is just, … Continue reading

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Does prayer change the future?

There are three ways of seeing prayer: First Way:  God changes the future when he answers our prayer. Second Way:  The future is set in stone but includes answered prayer. Third Way:  Prayer is futile because the future is set … Continue reading

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Blind Will vs. Free Will

Blind will (blind instinct/habit) is the paint and a free will is the painter. No longer will it suffice for me to say “intentionally” or “wilfully” when what I really mean is “freely”. The words “intention” and “will” must now … Continue reading

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Astrophysics question for fun (time, matter/energy)

I have an astronomy question I was wondering if you could answer, or could point me in the right direction to getting the answer. Hypothetically, if the past still exists and the future already exists – what would that say … Continue reading

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Predestination and Free Will

This thread updates the old “determinism and free will” thread. Predestination and Free Will I start off asking a question for the purpose of introducing concepts in its answer: freedom and determinism: compatible or incompatible? Ultimately, though, the question is: … Continue reading

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