Roosevelt Park via Virginia Corridor Trailway

We finally got to check out the Virginia Corridor Trailway. Along the way we passed Roosevelt Park, so we stopped and played a little. Even ran into some old friends, the Sextons :)

This is the bridge over Briggsmore:

We saw the Sextons right after that picture, while still on the bridge, but I absent-mindedly didn’t snap a pic.

The backwards men:

Of COURSE my finger is in the way of the pretty flowers…

Roosevelt Park in the background:

We turned around and went back at Orangeburg. Next time we’ll make sure David uses his inhaler before we leave.

Hey! It’s the Sextons!!! This time I got the shot…but we’re in the street…

Back over the bridge over Briggsmore:

Ethan humored me…

Next time we’re bringing bikes and tennis rackets to play at Roosevelt Park :-)

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