Walk to the Cross (Easter Prep), pt.2: External/Internal Evidence

Back in February I posted part one of a lecture series on the Gospels by Tim McGrew entitled “Who Wrote the Gospels?”  Then, mid-March I posted Professor McGrew’s answer to my question, “Did Christians ‘reinterpret’ Old Testament passages to be prophecies fulfilled in Jesus, or did Jews always interpret those passages to be messianic?”  That was part one of this “Walk to the Cross” series in preparation for Easter.

For part two, here is the rest of Dr. McGrew’s series on the Gospels:

You can find links for the PowerPoint slides and handout at Brian Auten’s site, here:

Dr. McGrew writes via email, “Needless to say, we’re just scratching the surface of the evidence here. But sometimes it is better to make a start than to do nothing at all.”

So in the coming week that remains before we remember the resurrection, I hope you will make time to brew a pot of choice coffee, sit down under an old quilt and drink in this lecture series, and sift through the historical evidence of fulfilled messianic prophecies.

It will greatly enrich our celebration of Easter if we know that we are celebrating the REALITY of God’s demonstration in time and space that he loves (and forgives) us no matter what–even his own willing death.  No greater love has any man than that.

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