Course Work

Below are examples of course work I’ve managed to save over the years.  It is all undergraduate work done at various junior colleges.  I am included among those who made President’s Honor Roll in the Spring of 2007 at Hartnell College. I received an AA in Humanities through Modesto Junior College in May of 2014.

[Update December 2022: Since 2014 I have obtained three more AAs via MJC (Social and Behavioral Sciences, Psychology, and Philosophy), and a BA in Philosophy and Psychology via CSUStanislaus. I may blog some of the course work, but I will not likely be indexing it below. It’s kind of funny to see the sort of stuff I used to use this website for, but it did prove very useful when I was comparing what I was learning to what I had previously learned.]

The list below may include rough drafts and is not exhaustive, as my saving methods have not been meticulous, and I need software which can convert Works documents to Word.  Please keep in mind that most of what I write is not found here; I do most of my studying independently of formal education.  Check out all the other links on the site for examples of that.  Also keep in mind that my views change over time.

Whether you are an instructor or the instructed, I can help you by:

  • communicating vague or complicated homework and test instructions and questions in a way that is impossible to misunderstand
  • proofreading and critiquing homework assignments to include instructional direction and suggestions for improvement
  • crafting tests and other materials that will not only measure learning, but help cement it in long-term memory

Students:  The list below is provided to show that I am capable of helping you with your homework.  I am NOT willing to write your essay for you, even if it is simply to answer a discussion question, and especially if it is an essay question for a test.  I am willing to give suggestions on how to plan out the essay and to critique and proofread your rough drafts.  If the essay depends on knowledge of a certain text or lecture, you must be able to supply that text or lecture to me if you expect me to critique your presentation of the information covered in the text or lecture.  For that reason, and others, it is best to buy an electronic copy of the text whenever possible, and record lectures and/or take awesome notes (if you do that, you won’t likely need me, but—I’m here to help).  If you haven’t read anything or listened to the lectures, be prepared to do just that if you want my help.  If you are studying anything related to philosophy or apologetics, I will do this for you at a reduced price if you like, as they are my favorite subjects.

Professors:  I am able to help you create roll-taking lists, tests, outlines, Power Point lectures and study guides built from lectures and texts, and to grade tests and essays according to your set standards.  If you teach anything related to philosophy or apologetics, I will do this for you at a reduced price if you like, as they are my favorite subjects.

Both:  Don’t attempt to use my work below (ghostwritten work for professors is obviously not included), except as perhaps examples or roadmaps which, if used in your work/curriculum, give me full credit and link to my site.  It will not pass Copyscape (this really goes both ways:  students can check their teachers to see if THEY are claiming someone else’s thoughts as their own and not giving proper credit!), it will turn you into a liar and a thief, and whoever is paying for your education (of yourself, or of your students) will be wasting their money.   You are capable of true greatness, and greatness never takes the easy way out.

I would also recommend against citing any of my work as a reference in your essay/curriculum. Only cite experts.  None of my work below reflects an authority’s perspective.  I am more like an eternal student.  It would be cool to eventually teach philosophy or apologetics down the road, though.


Courses I have taken from three different community colleges, in two different states, include:

Anthropology 102 (Cultural Anthropology; Society & Culture), Art 106/120 (Basic Drawing I) and 160 (Appreciation of Art), Speech & Communications 102 (Intro. to Essentials of Human Communications), English 101 (Composition and Reading), English 102 (English Composition) and 114/209 (Introduction to Poetry) and 2/103 (Critical Thinking and Writing, Advanced Composition), Guidance 111 (Career Awareness), Physical Education 116 (Body Mechanics) and 192 (Women’s Weight Training), Psychology 101 (Introduction to General Psychology) and 110 (Human Sexualities) and 210/104 (Social Psychology), Sociology 101 (Introduction to Sociology), Family Life 355A (SSE 200, Child in the Family), Health 111 (Women’s Health Issues), Math 122/70 (Intermediate/Elementary Algebra) and 151/90 (College/Intermediate Algebra), CIS/CMPSC 120/201 (Intro to Information Systems, General Computer Literacy), Philosophy 111/101 (Introduction to Philosophy) and 130/111 (Ethics:  Theory & Application), Spanish 101 (Spanish I, Elementary Spanish), Astronomy 1/160 (Intro to Modern Astronomy), Biology/AP 42/50 (Human Biology, Human Anatomy-Physiology), History 17A/101 (United States History to Reconstruction), Anthropology 10 (California Indians), and Political Science 102 (The Constitution and the Rights of Americans).

That adds up to just shy of 80 units, with no degree to show for it  :0)  Lord-willing I will change that within a year, however. [Update: As of the end of fall 2013, I have earned two associate degrees and 87 units: Humanities, Behavioral Sciences.]

I also have a Certificate in Apologetics through Biola University, but there were no written assignments associated with it because I did not take it as part of a masters degree program.  Only lectures and tests are involved with the basic certificate, which is a good program.  I have blogged extensively on apologetics outside of any course, however, as can be seen if you visit enough of the pages in my portfolio.

For now, here are assignments from just 8 of my junior college courses:


Astronomy 1 – Introduction to Astronomy (Spring 2007)

C:  First Earth-like Planet Found in Habitable Zone

Biology 42 – Human Biology (Spring 2007)

Cell Ownership
Cell Travel Brochure
China Organ Harvest Discussion
Breastfeeding Facts
Nervous System
Roy the Blood Cell
Homeostasis of Human Organ Systems
Homeostasis excerpt, rearrangement
Mitosis and Meiosis
Parts of Cell
Theme Park:  Joe’s Gastro World

(Const.) Political Science 102 – The Constitution and Rights of Americans (Fall 2009)

Church/State Opinion
Wisconsin v Yoder Discussion
Free Speech Opinion
Sante Fe Research Paper
Term Limit Discussion

(There was much more that went the way of my laptop.)

(Ethics) Philosophy 130 – Ethics (Spring 2003)

For my updated thoughts on Ethics, go here, particularly the section on Euthyphro, Plato, Hume and Gettier.

Thinking About Values journals
Theories of Conduct journals and summaries
Virtue & Existentialism summaries
Thought Experiments & Critical Stance journals
Socrates, Plato and the Good Life journals
Aristotle journals
Existentialism journals
Gender journals

History 17A – United States History (Spring 2007)

Columbus and Genocide in the Americas
Colonials’ Genocide and Slavery in the Americas
Female Slavery
As Long as the Grass Grows
Whitman discussion
History 17A Exam 1
History 17A Exam 2
History 17A Exam 3
History 17A Final

(Logic) English 2 – Critical Thinking and Writing (Spring 2007)

Was America’s reaction to 9/11 justified?
Bush record
Critique of “Disinformation on Judges,” by Thomas Sowell
MLK, Jr. in other words
Outline clergyman argument
Outline MLK, Jr. letter
Sexual preference

(Ohlone) Anthropology 10 – California Indians (Summer 2007)

Ohlone Self-Management Through Generosity
The Natural Environment in My Community (PowerPoint on Google Docs)
Ohlone Religion and Christianity (PowerPoint on Google Docs)

Philosophy 111 – Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2002)

For some of my updated thoughts on philosophy, go here, particularly the section on Euthyphro, Plato, Hume and Gettier.

The focus of this semester was to find what we appreciated in each of the reading assignments.  We weren’t really supposed to critique them, but I don’t think I managed that very well.  One of the finals included arguing from a view we don’t believe, but really I was in the process of coming to believe that view and did eventually become an atheist (for a while).

Ayn Rand
Bhagavad Gita
Carol Christ
Chuang Tzu
Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse and Plato
King, Jr.
Malcolm X
Phi 111 Mid-Term 1
Phi 111 Mid-Term 2
Phi 111 Final 1
Phi 111 Final 2
Phi 111 Final 3

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