Book Discussions and Reviews


JC Lamont’s Prophecy of the Heir
Prophecy of the Heir author interview: JC Lamont August 27, 2012
Book review: JC Lamont’s Prophecy of the Heir August 27, 2012

Douglas Groothuis’ Christian Apologetics
Different methods in apologetics March 10, 2012
Douglas Groothuis’ “Christian Apologetics” January 14, 2012

Jay Wesley Richards’ God and Evolution
“God and Evolution” reading log from Facebook December 31, 2011

Fringe on FOX
Fringe observations on last night’s finale November 19, 2011

Stephen Law’s Evil God Argument
Answering Stephen Law’s evil god argument November 12, 2011

Jerry Coyne’s take on the Euthyphro Dilemma
Answering Jerry Coyne and Jason Thibodeau on the Euthyphro Dilemma October 29, 2011

Norman Geisler (various)
My first Wikipedia article: Graded absolutism July 21, 2011 (heavy emphasis on Geisler)
Just love March 23, 2011 (addressing disagreement between White and Geisler)

Jerry Coyne vs. Stephen Meyers
Replace agnosticism with apisticism on every belief scale November 11th, 2010

Richard Dawkins (various)
Reasons for faith 101: What is the Bootstrap Gambit reply to Dawkins’ 747? July 15th, 2010
Dawkins belief scale poll October 31st, 2010
How Dawkins’ belief scale shows atheism is a belief, a position of faith October 28th, 2010
The New, New Theism October 10, 2011

William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith
WLC’s case for the resurrection February 28, 2012
Questions on dual warrant in WLC’s Reasonable Faith January 21, 2012

Sam Harris’ Moral Landscape and debate with WLC
Why does Sam Harris’ “Moral Landscape” have the word “moral” in it? July 1, 2011
Why Sam Harris’ “objective moral truth” hovers over an abyss… May 20, 2011

Craig v Harris debate post mortem, audio and video April 8, 2011
Open letter to William Lane Craig regarding April 7 debate with Sam Harris March 29th, 2011

Review: Sam Harris’ “The Moral Landscape” October 11th, 2010
Sam Harris claims we are not free to choose objective moral truth April 8th, 2010
Sam Harris’ forthcoming Moral Landscape ‘decides’ objective morality March 31st, 2010
Dawkins changes mind for Harris’ objective moral truth March 27th, 2010
Harris versus Dawkins, modern day Euthyphro dilemma March 23rd, 2010

Euthyphro, Hume, Plato, Gettier
The Humean-Platonic tripartite (Ought-Is-Belief) theory of moral knowledge May 10, 2012
Where I am at with Hume’s is-ought distinction July 1, 2011
God (is) the Golden Rule (ought) without offending Hume April 10, 2011
Natural law, divine command and Euthyphro’s dilemma resolved March 29th, 2011
Hume’s is-ought, Plato’s true-justified, Euthyphro’s dilemma and Gettier’s problem Feb 23, 2011
Answering Gettier January 15th, 2011
Norris, Gettier, Euthyphro, Hume and Plato: Is knowledge justified true belief? January 5, 2011
The is-ought fallacy and knowledge as justified true belief November 12, 2010
OLD: Justified true belief and knowledge of moral truth July 30, 2010
OLD: Good 101: Is there a solution to the Euthyphro dilemma? December 24, 2009
(also see above, my answer to Jerry Coyne’s take on Euthyphro’s dilemma)

Christopher Norris’ Epistemology
Norris’ Epistemology book discussion July 30, 2009 through July 1, 2010

Tim Keller’s The Reason for God
Blog Discussion and Sermon Ideas for Tim Keller’s “The Reason for God” October 27, 2008 through August 19, 2009

Don Richardson’s Eternity in Their Hearts
The Abrahamic Covenant — Backbone of the Gospel January 3, 2008

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