Bible Narrative Project

A few years ago I started an outline for combining the parallel passages of the Old Testament using outlines from Zondervan’s NASB study Bible.  I found it fascinating that different authors were writing about the same events and that the Bible was about actual history, but I left it unfinished for a long time.  It is a rather large task.  About a year later I wrote down the same sort of thing for the Gospel harmony, out of “The Life of Christ in Stereo” by Cheney.  That’s just the sort of thing I enjoy doing.

I later returned to my outline and decided it was so cool, I should make it available to everyone, and the Bible Narrative Project was born New Years Day, 2011.  Eventually I’d love to hold the narrative in my hands.  I haven’t attempted to print the entire Bible…and won’t until the project is complete.  At least I have eternity :)

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