Indirect advertising

Word of Mouth - Visualized

Word of Mouth – Visualized (Photo credit: mvellandi)

The blog post below mentioning Java Hut and Abuelita was not originally an advertisement.

Word of mouth is quite effective as a marketing strategy.  If I like your product, it may end up on my blog and social networking sites–even if only indirectly:

Yo quiero choco-latte! :)

Posted on April 9, 2012

Abuelita (Photo credit: rachel a. k.)

Choco-latte is a Mexican mocha I ‘think’ I just invented.  If nobody has it yet–why not?!!!  Sure, it could be called the Abuelita mocha, but choco-latte sounds so much more chocolattey and you don’t have to pay Abuelita to use the name.  I thought of this because it was Easter yesterday, and I always pronounce chocolate with a Mexican accent.  By the way, under no circumstances should this drink be called a shock-o-latte, except perhaps on Halloween, sprinkled with bat and pumpkin marshmallows or other coffee-appropriate candies in black and orange.

Update:  After scavenging Google, I found a place called Java Hut with a Mexican mocha.  I think choco-latte is more catchy, although Google shows there is an actual shop with that name.  And I bet they don’t use Abuelita syrup!

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