Poetry and Prose

How I miss Lost.

The published kind…and a look back into my formative years.

Ana Kata to the Infinite Well
The Penwood Review and North Central Review published in their Spring 2011 issues.  Forward Poetry of Remus House published in the anthology A Symphony of Life: A Collection of Poetry, January 31, 2012.

Straightway Swept Away
Poetry Rivals (of Forward Press) published in November 2010.

Haiku:  Sword and Sacrifice
—Published in late 2009 in an anthology by Forward Press titled “My Word is My Voice”.  Published by Melanie Eyth on her blog, The Sheltered PoetNorth Central Review published in their Spring 2011 issue.

Skit:  At Coffee with the Euthyphro Dilemma
—Published in September 2010 by Down in the Dirt.

The Invisible Shepherd and the Wild Sheep
—Haven’t submitted this one.

Looking back:  Generation X poetry fueled by teenage angst.  Oh joy!

Reverse Engineering:  Poem and Lyric Revisions:  Audioslave and Kipling.

Um…:  Riddles and Ciphers :-)

Poetry as I blog it…

I’m Sorry
—Most recently published in Stepping Stones Magazine, and soon to be published in the 2014 winter edition of Poets’ Espresso Review.

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