Riddles and Ciphers

First meeting of “People Who Talk Funny Anonymous”

JK: Abe’e see d’ apogee age? [Abe looks at his shirt for missing nametag.] I “JK”!
Abe: Well… am in ‘ope y curiosity… [turns to V, who has just joined them]…you, V?
V: Double. You wax wise. [passes around picture of the wife and kids] See?

He will be here:

He will be here, DJ, through FM and AM.
He will be here, JJ, through the events of A SON.

To what “events” are the capital letters (besides H) a clue?


Yjrdr yjomhd O jsbr d[plrm yp tpi
dp yjsy om

Om yjr ept;f tpi jsbr ytoni;syopm 
niy yslr vpitshr
O jsbr pbrtvp,r yjr
Who said it? What are the symbols for the letters of the alphabet that have not been used (if you crack the cipher, a little bit of thought about what connects the symbols representing the letters that ‘are’ used will lead you to that answer)?


Crack the cypher (pretty simple), then solve the riddle.

1 007′1 8474 224432, 861 1751340 1 43.
1 6034021 470 7062158 4 12651179 7438.
1377 813 04 3841 406 2306351 17 33
061 7060 02 17 517371 507170064.

Tell it:

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