May 2013 Christian Carnival: #Gosnell & #INHUMAN

Welcome to the May 1, 2013 edition of Christian Carnival!  This month the carnival is Gosnell centered. Especially if you haven’t heard of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, please digest and share these articles.

Dr. Gosnell, Abortion, the Church and Adoption on Intelmin by Michael Boling

The hot button issue of abortion is nothing new in today’s society. The passing of the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case legalizing abortion is unfortunately celebrating its 40th anniversary. Outside of the yearly demonstrations on the anniversary of the passing of Roe v. Wade and demonstrations at local abortion clinics around the country, the approximately 1 million abortions that take place annually in the United States happen seemingly behind the scenes as an accepted fact of life. Some states have begun to pass legislation in an attempt to tighten the reins on abortion clinics, in particular those operated by Planned Parenthood with some degree of success. READ MORE…

The Gosnell Trial and Destroying the Image of God on The Confident Christian on Christianpost by Robin Schumacher, saying, “This post describes the cultural and spiritual aspects of the Gosnell trial.” 

Kirsten Powers’ recent article on the trial of abortion “doctor” Kermit Gosnell, which ran in the April 11th edition ofUSA Today, is something not to be missed. Powers rightly calls out the odd suppression and, in some cases, revisionism being practiced by the media where the current Pennsylvania abortion trial is concerned. Her concerns are echoed by others such as Jon Healey in the Los Angeles Times

Let’s be clear about what this trial is all about. During some abortions, Gosnell delivered babies alive and then literally beheaded them in his abortion clinic, according to staff that observed the procedures. Performing about 1,000 abortions per year, prosecutors assert Gosnell made millions from taking the lives of both newly born and unborn children. READ MORE…

What Christians Should Know (And Do) about the Gosnell Case on The Bible Archive by Rey Reynoso, saying, “I read through the Grand Jury report and highlighted some keypoints to point out who is to blame and what should be done about it.”

This post will be gruesome and depressing.  Not because I am making it more gruesome or more depressing but because the case just is that evil.I’ve lost sleep reading about the Grand Jury report. I’m crying. It’s probably the most evil thing I’ve read or seen.


The Gosnell case has been ignored by the national media (both liberal and conservative) except for the first day of the trial so the stuff you might read here could be for the first time (unless you’re a follower of Breitbart which has been following the story).  I’m not a reporter. I’m a guy who has tried to follow the local news story and has worked through theGrand Jury Report. So can you. READ MORE…

The Strange Story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell and the National Press | Part 2 | Part 3 on Christian Apologetics Alliance by Mark McGee

The legal guilt or innocence of Dr. Kermit Gosnell will soon be in the hands of a jury, but the larger question is how we got here in the first place. How can we as a supposedly civilized people question whether the mass slaughter of human beings is a crime? Let me share some historical perspective that may help. 

I remember when the debate began. I was a young reporter, talk show host and atheist at the time. Reporting about illegal abortions came up from time to time, but not often enough in a local broadcast market to give it much thought. Abortion was classified as a crime in most states, though legal under certain circumstances in some. The issue of abortion was not something we debated in the newsroom at the time. That was until the case of Jane Roe. READ MORE…

Is #Gosnell #INHUMAN? | Why do I tweet so much about #Gosnell? | #Gosnell tweets you are free to snag the first one posted at Christian Apologetics Alliance (new authors welcome!) and the last two posted at Ichthus77 by Maryann Spikes

Happening now is the #INHUMAN TweetFest, from 8am-8pm in whatever timezone you happen to inhabit. The goal of this event is to raise awareness about late-term abortion.

legitimate question was raised on the event page by Sandra: “Is this supposed to be ‘Inhumane’? It just seems a little strange to call another person inhuman when he is indeed human. It is his behavior that is not human.”

“Tolerance applies only to persons and never to principles. Intolerance applies only to principles and never to persons.” ~ Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

I had the same feeling when I first heard that, in closing statements, the prosecution asked Gosnell if he was human (WhoIsGosnell?). Gosnell giggled. Hearing that felt like hearing the anti-story to the parable of the Good Samaritan.

In that parable, Jesus doesn’t make the injured man the example of a neighbor…he makes the man who helped him (the Good Samaritan) to be the example of a neighbor (of how a human ought to be). It is better to value the stranger (out group, marginalized, other) on the same level as we value our own self. If the balance is tipped either way, we need to reevaluate. It is better to err on the side of too much compassion…to consider fully human our enemies, the outcast, the unborn, the innocent-until-proven-guilty, et cetera…so that we do not lose our own humanity. Part of being fully human, is acknowledging in others their full humanity–that which is shared between us. READ MORE…

Also check out a good 8 pages of Gosnell posts by Christian Apologetics blogs.

That concludes this edition. If your submission didn’t make it into this edition, you can always try again for next week’s carnival.  Submit your blog article to the next edition of Christian Carnival using our carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.  Have a blessed week :)

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