Call for submissions to the Christian Carnival: #INHUMAN

Calling all bloggers: 

Wednesday, May 1st, 8am-8pm, will you please publish and/or tweet (across all your social networks) a post on late-term abortion, using the #INHUMAN hashtag?  

There is going to be an #INHUMAN tweetfest:

Here are a selection of pro-life posts you may tweet:

I’ve scheduled a post to publish at 8am on May 1 at Christian Apologetics Alliance (new authors welcome and invited!).

If you let me know you are going to schedule a blog post to publish and/or be tweeted/shared the same day, I will include it in the Gosnell carnival (for the Christian Carnival) that will be published here at Ichthus77 on May 1. Just give me your permalink.

Schedule Hootsuite to share your blog post to all your social networks, using the #INHUMAN hashtag.

See the event page for further details–like a list of relevant tweets (feel free to snag a bunch of mine from the #Gosnell tweetfest), and how to participate if you don’t have a Twitter account.

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