#Gosnell tweets you are free to snag

Please use these tweets to spread awareness about the Kermit Gosnell trial. Fill in any leftover characters by hash-tagging local and main stream media, and your politicians.

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***For tweet coverage on Gosnell trial as it comes to a close, follow @jdmullane @whoisgosnell @bryankemper @SeanGOSullivan @JoeSlobo*** Here are 12 news stories from 28th-30th.

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There are three sections below: 1. Media Coverage, 2. Socio-Political Landscape, and 3. Blogs, Adoption & Memes. Have at it:

1. Media Coverage

Jury returns today for Pa. abortion case closings http://abcn.ws/15T1HDW via @ABC #Gosnell

Tune in to @FoxNews May 5 at 9 EST and share this event to spread the word. http://fb.me/FoMJ7tH8 #Gosnell

April 8 vid of @GovMikeHuckabee show on babies born alive during abortion http://video.foxnews.com/v/2287315199001 #Gosnell

Unlike the majority of media outlets @WORLD_mag has been covering from the beginning http://www.worldmag.com/topic/gosnell_trial #Gosnell

The #Gosnell infanticide case: http://wp.me/pqyhO-9yt abortion via @USAtoday

#Gosnell “House of Horrors” late-term abortion, overdose death trial http://ow.ly/jYMEK via @Ichthus77

#Gosnell had problems 38 years ago http://www.philly.com/philly/news/year-in-review/20100225_W__Phila_abortion_doctor_had_problems_38_years_ago.html May 1972, 15 preg women from Chicago rcvd “super coil” abortions via @phillydotcom

Receptionist: Unlicensed doc fled Pa. clinic raid http://t.co/Gen4Czk4iD Ty for covering this @modbee via @AP #Gosnell

The trial of corrupt #Gosnell has produced some horrifying testimony: http://articles.philly.com/2013-04-09/news/38376465_1_jack-mcmahon-west-philadelphia-kermit-gosnell via @phillydotcom

RT: Reading the grand jury report on the #Gosnell case. Where was the state oversight of this house of horrors? via @ac360

#Gosnell: truly horrifying allegations of the murder of babies http://fb.me/241mkLLoU

#Gosnell tweets raise profile of abortion doctor’s murder trial http://bit.ly/10QLV6B

“…there is so much awful there…” ~ @JeffreyToobin on the deaths in #Gosnell clinic and how he treated white and black patients differently.

Thank you Anderson Cooper <3 for having courage to cover #Gosnell @andersoncooper @AC360

#Gosnell preys on minority women, collects pieces of babies, 10yrs no health board inspection http://bit.ly/ZKBdn0 via @StevenErtelt

Washington Post writer explains why she refuses to report on #Gosnell case: http://wp.me/pqyhO-9yF via @Wintery_Knight

“It’s just the story of a potential mass murderer who operated for decades as government regulators did nothing.” http://www.slate.com/blogs/weigel/2013/04/12/kermit_gosnell_the_alleged_mass_murderer_and_the_bored_media.html via @Slate #Gosnell

Dead babies, exploited women, and racism: Why #Gosnell trial should be a front-page story http://theatln.tc/10QvaZ3 via @TheAtlantic

Late-term abortionist #Gosnell kept severed baby feet on display http://bit.ly/XEnWuD via @ORnational

#Gosnell aborted this baby at 32wks then joked baby “big enough to walk me to bus stop” http://t.co/gse6TloIbN via @ORnational

#Gosnell snipped spinal cords of babies born alive http://bit.ly/12MB4fp via @ORnational

Why I didn’t write about #Gosnell trial–and why I should have http://thebea.st/10Zvrrw via @thedailybeast Thanks for saying so

Video of @andersoncooper’s segment on #Gosnell http://fb.me/Eb3YvFtr via @AC360

Another look at the gruesome Philadelphia story via @Peter_Wehner http://bit.ly/114axtU #Gosnell

Video: Media criticized for lack of coverage of #Gosnell trial http://outfront.blogs.cnn.com/2013/04/12/media-criticized-for-lack-of-coverage-of-abortion-doctors-trial via @CNN Blogs

Thanks for covering #Gosnell @CBSnews: http://www.cbsnews.com/crimesider/?keyword=kermit+gosnell via @crimesider

‘Fundamental culture change’ on abortion: Conservatives make gains on restrictions http://t.co/jSU1PhFtFG via @NBCnews #Gosnell

#Gosnell clinic workers snipped babies necks b/c the job market is bad:  http://bigstory.ap.org/article/philly-abortion-clinic-workers-saw-few-options via @AP

Proof that #Gosnell is undercovered: Snopes had to put up a page affirming that it is NOT an urban legend http://www.snopes.com/politics/crime/gosnell.asp via @snopes

5 pg archive of @TwitchyTeam #Gosnell coverage, w/extensive trial coverage ==> http://twitchy.com/page/5/?s=gosnell

“The baby drew in its arms and legs and curled up inside in a fetal position” http://ow.ly/kcy8T #Gosnell via @ABC via @AP

Clerk admits she sedated patients, changed dosage at murder trial of Philadelphia abortion doctor http://ow.ly/kcrqz #Gosnell via @FOXnews

#Gosnell ex-employee said she alerted authorities http://www.philly.com/philly/news/breaking/20130419_Gosnell_s_ex-employee_said_she_alerted_authorities.html via @phillydotcom

PA abortion clinic worker: I saw more than 10 babies breathe, 3 move limbs during abortions #Gosnell http://ow.ly/kcsfe via @washingtonpost

#Gosnell trial: Baby born alive in toilet, ‘swimming,’ ‘trying to get out’ http://ow.ly/kczhb via @GoliadGal

Toilet in abortion clinic needed to be lifted to ‘get the fetuses out of the pipes’ http://ow.ly/kfAl8 via @CNSnews #Gosnell

THIS is why choicers want #Gosnell story dead http://www.lifenews.com/2013/04/16/gosnell-worker-toilets-backed-up-with-body-parts-from-abortions/ via @StevenErtelt

#Gosnell assistant testifies she administered anesthesia, drugs http://ow.ly/kcrYu via @WashingtonPost ATTN: @PHLPublicHealth

58 horrific details from the #Gosnell trial that you do not want to read http://ow.ly/kcsNC via @DCexaminer

What the #Gosnell horror reveals about abortion debate http://ow.ly/kcsA7 via @JewishDailyForward

Guide to the Philadelphia abortion #Gosnell murder case http://ow.ly/kcsnh via @YorkDispatch via @AP

Legalizing abortion did not prevent back-alley hacks, it legitimized them. Read the cryptic cause of death: http://www.operationrescue.org/archives/breaking-medical-examiner-says-abortion-complications-caused-morbelli-death via @ORnational #Gosnell

#Gosnell abortion trial meritS more coverage http://ow.ly/kcte4 via @tldtimes

#Gosnell and abortion’s darkest side: http://ow.ly/kcsZ9 via @baltimoresun

#Gosnell is not an outlier –> Abortions suspended at Delaware clinic after similar conditions reported

#Gosnell accused of Holocaust against infants http://ow.ly/kcunR via @Rockland_News

#Gosnell staffer testifies she saw at least 10 babies breathing http://ow.ly/kcv03 via @delawareonline

7 dead newborns ‘no ordinary crime’ http://ow.ly/kcuLv via @WorldNetDaily #Gosnell

Phila. abortion doctor’s assistant testifies on untrained staff http://ow.ly/kcuCI via @PittsburghPG #Gosnell

#Gosnell kept babies’ hands, feet as trophies http://www.christianpost.com/news/gosnell-kept-babies-hands-feet-as-trophies-much-like-serial-killers-says-prosecution-94172/ via @ChristianPost

#Gosnell trial April 18 http://lisahaggerty.com/?p=152 via @Lisa_Haggerty

#Gosnell condemned by pro-abortion rights groups via @ABC http://ow.ly/kjLib

Eminent bioethicist on the dangers of a world increasingly indifferent to matters of human dignity http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324493704578428843742209304.html?KEYWORDS=Gosnell via @WSJ #Gosnell

How the DEA finally caught #Gosnell via @TheAtlantic http://ow.ly/kjLpD

Gruesome testimony renews debate over abortion http://usat.ly/ZK0RRX via @USATODAY #Gosnell

Back alley abortion never ended http://ow.ly/kjLJr via @WSJ #Gosnell

Michael Reagan (son of Ronald): #Gosnell ‘Clinic of Horrors’ http://ow.ly/kjLEf via @delawareonline

Devastating: Philly-area columnist asks a key, yet horrifying, #Gosnell question http://ow.ly/kjLZK via @TwitchyTeam

If #Gosnell had killed puppies or with *gasp* GUNS!!! the msm would be all over it.

Why is the press ignoring the #Gosnell story? http://t.co/NJte6PXlo5 via @BloombergView

“To sin by silence, when they should protest, makes cowards of men.” 
― Abraham Lincoln #Gosnell

“…because this makes the pro-choice case look really bad, the MSM media has silently agreed to ignore it.” http://fb.me/Cg279fJc via @FOXnews

#Gosnell trial reveals ‘a house of horrors’ http://youtu.be/yD_ohwNaa94 & http://fb.me/L5FGu9u6 via @CNN Blogs

Vid: At press conference, woman cradling newborn premie turns it over and snips its neck with scissors. #Gosnell whoisgosnell.com 3801lancaster.com

#Gosnell trial witness unsure if babies were alive http://t.co/HdnpDaLb4w via @phillydotcom #shouldhavebeensure

The #Gosnell trial: We’re asking the wrong questions http://t.co/laTaY4SxAz via @KristenHowerton

2. Socio-Political Landscape

Read this insane article condoning the murder of live-born babies in the Journal of Medical “Ethics” http://t.co/QTT3sPNbzz via @JME_GMA BMJ #Gosnell

5,000,000+ late-term abortions since RvW: http://www.guttmacher.org @PPact okays it: http://ow.ly/jZAYq (vid) #Gosnell

“…women would sometimes come to PP, complain to staff about the conditions there.” http://t.co/soOqh7HVPB via @phillydotcom #Gosnell

Planned Parenthood knew of #Gosnell abortion horrors http://t.co/1OrpFKjfo8 via @FoxNews @PPact

Imagining how Planned Parenthood (@PPact) might respond to #Gosnell http://t.co/TZ6BgHJWBL via @TGC

Obama has “no comment” on baby killer #Gosnell but commented on Trayvon Martin & Skip Gates w/in days http://shar.es/Jtt8T via @weeklystandard

I love your prepared statements to Boston and West, TX. What have you prepared for Philly? @BarackObama #Gosnell

One wonders how a live-born aborted baby isn’t “the patient” while still in the womb? Infanticide, either way http://t.co/SU6tD0UVfp (vid) #Gosnell

You opposed life saving treatment for babies born alive during abortion in IL Senate. Does this explain #Gosnell silence? @BarackObama

PP and @BarackObama reject infant-saving legislation (http://ow.ly/kcr7D) (vid) No way #Gosnell is isolated pic.twitter.com/4XLBe4M8ET @PPact

Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast http://fb.me/GTeFff1a (vid) @barackobama @ppact #Gosnell

Please address how to prevent future #Gosnell @BarackObama

Petition @BarackObama to personally address #Gosnell trial & describe steps 2 fix future clinic massacres http://ow.ly/k9bSW via @WhiteHouse

Obama backed out of Planned Parenthood keynote address http://wtim.es/11kXlQ6 via @washtimes #Gosnell

“God bless @PPact” says @BarackObama. Bless w respect for humans before, during & after birth. U knew about #Gosnell & did/do nothing.

Congressmen and women deliver 1-minute speeches on House floor re: abortionist #Gosnell http://t.co/YYu5TiHCGO (playlist)

72 members of Congress write letter to @ABC http://ow.ly/kczst @CBSnews http://ow.ly/kczx2 @NBCnews http://ow.ly/kczCD #Gosnell

Thank you Rep Scott Perry for standing up for the defenseless – The Hill’s Floor Action http://thehill.com/blogs/floor-action/house/293257-gop-lawmaker-blasts-obama-press-for-ignoring-pa-abortion-trial via @flooraction #Gosnell

Thank you for bringing the unconscionable actions of #Gosnell to light on the floor of the House @RepStutzman

Please read the #Gosnell trial grand jury report for yourself, and report, blog, tweet & update on it: http://ow.ly/k19R9 via @PhiladelphiaGov

Read this and weep: the #Gosnell grand jury report. It could well be the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of the abortion issue. http://www.phila.gov/districtattorney/pdfs/grandjurywomensmedical.pdf via @PhiladelphiaGov

Have u read the #Gosnell grand jury report yet? http://www.phila.gov/districtattorney/pdfs/grandjurywomensmedical.pdf How can u make sure it isn’t happening in ur city?
1. Email
2. Call

Email and call local places that refer, perform, or regulate abortions. Ask them to describe steps to prevent future #Gosnell

HOW did #Gosnell abortion clinic go 17 years without being inspected? ATTN: @PHLPublicHealth

Whoever failed to inspect and/or ignored the red flags for over 10 yrs is every bit as responsible as #Gosnell ATTN: @PHLPublicHealth

Why didn’t the state shut #Gosnell clinic down?

ATTN: Mayor @Michael_Nutter & @PHLPublicHealth Did you know what was happening in your city? @PPact Do you have anything to say about it? #Gosnell

#Gosnell settles the issue on whether legislation prevents bad judgment calls on late-term abortion, and should spark checks & balances!

#Gosnell should spark media-covered inspections of all known abortion clinics, and investigations of all red flags ignored until now.

#Gosnell should spark legislation that requires reporting gestation, whether or not born alive, procedures used, and method of disposal.

All the #Gosnell -type mass murderers/minions should quake in their mass murderer boots and turn themselves in.

#Gosnell is not isolated. In Steven Chase Brigham’s abortion center were discovered the remains of 35 late-term aborted babies in jars.

Legalizing abortion did not prevent back-alley hacks, it legitimized them. Read the cryptic cause of death. http://t.co/xzSRkBXI56 via @ORnational #Gosnell

Back alley abortion never ended http://t.co/1ofFNfAOAr via @WSJ #Gosnell

Send to your politicians: “We request that you outline steps to prevent future incidents in abortion clinics in [state].” #Gosnell

Please address the #Gosnell murder trial and describe steps to prevent future abortion clinic massacres in California. @JerryBrownGov

Please address the #Gosnell murder trial and describe steps to prevent future abortion clinic massacres in California. @RepJeffDenham

Please address the #Gosnell murder trial and describe steps to prevent future abortion clinic massacres in California. @SenFeinstein

Please address the #Gosnell murder trial and describe steps to prevent future abortion clinic massacres in California. @SenatorBoxer

#Gosnell How to find your representative:

#Gosnell & intelligence failures, cont’d http://ow.ly/kcrIm via @TheAtlantic ATTN: @Michael_Nutter @PHLPublicHealth

It’s surprisingly hard to report a shady abortion provider like #Gosnell
 http://t.co/T71nvfjCqQ via @TheAtlantic

Witness, #Gosnell files tell a lot http://ow.ly/kcu8m via @delawareonline ATTN: @Michael_Nutter @PHLPublicHealth

RT: Bravo to the pro-lifers who made #Gosnell a national story. Your work is desperately needed to ensure such a horror never happens again. via @SenTedCruz

Raising awareness about the grave atrocities committed by #Gosnell against innocent lives http://fb.me/2NzItmLqw via @RosLehtinen

Thank you @RepScottPerry for standing up for the defenseless http://t.co/F9FtkWSi7z via @flooraction #Gosnell

Rep. Margo Davidson speaks: http://t.co/8sK4IWZaaq via @3801Lancaster #Gosnell

Abortion clock: http://t.co/DVyk3fXj5R Safe, legal and rare? http://t.co/Y4Beb3zVdN (vid) #Gosnell

#Gosnell defense painted the clinic as normal, saying abortion is rough. Should set up a “score by assist” for pro-life.

Sad about charges being dropped related to the baby feet #Gosnell kept unnecessarily. Judges have too much power.

RT: Defense rests in #Gosnell trial without calling any witnesses http://bit.ly/ZOXuZX via @NBCPhiladelphia

Why didn’t the #Gosnell defense call expert witnesses to back up the scientific claims he was making? My theory: he couldn’t find any.

No expert witness called to back up the inexpert judge’s fickle tossing around of charges. #Gosnell

If u see someone breathing on their own, do u automatically think, “Oh, no, definitely dead!”? #Gosnell

3. Blogs, Adoption & Memes

#Gosnell’s defense paints prosecution as racist. Fact: Gosnell harmed or killed more minority than white babies and women.
Who is #Gosnell? whoisgosnell.com via @WhoIsGosnell
#Gosnell an American tragedy: How Christians should engage the pro-life issue http://t.co/hBS9gJhsEV via @ApolAlliance
Bethany Christian Services http://www.bethany.org Down with abortion; up with #adoption. @Bethany #Gosnell
Who is #Gosnell? Check out this info-graphic: http://bit.ly/gosnell-numbers via @PAfamilyInstitute
Abortion is wrong because it is the killing of an unborn child created in the image and likeness of God. #Gosnell
** had sex? pregnant? have questions? need help? ** You are not alone. We are here for you. Free & confidential http://www.modestopregnancycenter.com #Gosnell
The #Gosnell trial & destroying the image of God http://fb.me/vWcTc2kq via @ApolAlliance
Wonder how many babies Canaan sacrificed compared to the U.S., and how long we’ve got b4 the cosmic crap hits the fan? #GodhelpUS #Gosnell
Watch this 20 minute documentary on #Gosnell (3801lancaster.com) and SPEAK OUT LOUD if you have experienced anything like this! <3 via @3801Lancaster 
Abortion doc #Gosnell ran a “house of horrors” where newborns were murdered.
The #Gosnell trial is a BIG deal http://whoisgosnell.com/top-tweets
We offer counseling to pregnant women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Bethany’s counseling services can also… http://fb.me/PNJokjy3 @Bethany #adoption #Gosnell
8 reasons for the media blackout on #Gosnell http://fb.me/RH2SGtYB via @TGC
‘Fetal pain’ measure that would outlaw abortions after 20 weeks sent to North Dakota governor http://bit.ly/1158dmo via @AP #Gosnell
You formed my inward parts; You knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully & wonderfully made. Ps. 139:13-14 #Gosnell
What do you have to do to make page 1? http://fb.me/1tyZbJ2gz via @RCP_articles #Gosnell
5 sparrows for 2 pennies, yet not 1 of them is forgotten before God | you are more valued than many sparrows #Gosnell
Fact: For every newborn released for #adoption, there are 30-40 couples waiting, and 11+ babies murdered by abortion #Gosnell
What the #Gosnell groundswell shows: http://fb.me/2EUjAMnli via @PatheosEvang
The extremely high death count of abortion in this apathetic world is a symptom. If we miss the Point and place our hope elsewhere, we are choosing death. #Gosnell
News roundup: #Gosnell & more: http://ow.ly/keMZD <3 Thanks! @PastorMark
Wondering: Did #Gosnell ever deliver a baby and let it live?
MT: #Gosnell, Boston, and God. http://dsr.gd/11huPhc Thanks! @JohnPiper
Proud of men, like @JohnPiper and @PastorMark, who are getting the word out about #Gosnell <3
Mother who chose life brings baby back to abortion facility to thank sidewalk counselor http://fb.me/GiPvGhgi via @4ChristianNews #Gosnell
#Gosnell tragedy: Too awful to believe http://ow.ly/kjM0Z via @ChristianPost
The strange story of #Gosnell and the national press http://wp.me/pH3FL-1kI via @MarkAMcGee
Remember when your babies were born, how precious they were, how they smelled like newborns, how they were innocent and perfect? #Gosnell
Part 2: The strange story of #Gosnell and the national press http://fb.me/QhLv7Zas via @MarkAMcGee
Important #Gosnell coverage from a Biblical worldview http://servantsofgrace.org/2013/04/13/important-gosnell-coverage via @ServantsofGrace
Adorable vid of 9wk old infant in utero (fetus until born) <3 http://fb.me/2tUuBgaON #Gosnell
Why do I tweet so much about #Gosnell? http://ichthus77.blogspot.com/2013/04/why-do-i-tweet-so-much-about-gosnell.html via @Ichthus77

#Gosnell tweets you are free to snag http://ichthus77.blogspot.com/2013/04/gosnell-tweets-you-are-free-to-snag.html via @Ichthus77

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