Why do I tweet so much about #Gosnell?

Before I heard about the Gosnell murder trial, I posted very rarely on abortion, out of sensitivity to the women who have made such a painful choice. I also figured there was no point swimming against the unchangeable culture-of-death tide on this issue, and I assumed current regulations would prevent doctors like Gosnell from practicing.

I was wrong. The Gosnell murder trial opened my eyes: The regulations often go unenforced, and when complaints are made, they are often ignored. People look the other way. After all, most the women who complain are poor, and the babies can’t complain.

The main stream media had to be bullied into covering this story when everyone got all tweet-angry (pt.2 going on now) about their blackout (including me) and 72 members of Congress wrote a letter to and  demanding they cover the Gosnell trial.

Things are looking up. Mainstream media is paying at least more attention, and Fox News will even air a one-hour special on Gosnell, May 3 at 9pm. The most recent news is that the defense rested without calling any witnesses!

Indiana Rep. Congressman Marlin Stutzman is scheduled to lead House members on the floor Thursday after votes to expose the Gosnell horrors. The House floor is viewable at www.C-SPAN.org. Sample tweet: “US Congressmen speaking out about #Gosnell house of horrors and trial tonight on #cspan View the House floor: http://www.C-SPAN.org.” Please livetweet the members’ speeches to amplify their bold stand.

I have been tweeting and Facebooking articles from mainstream media since I first heard about the Gosnell trial (even if I disagreed with their spin). I wrote an article on Examiner.com, as well. I followed Planned Parenthood (including locally, and Family Planning Associates), Obama and other local politicians on Twitter and Facebook, and contacted them through those channels, as well as through more standard channels. Here is how to find your representative.

I found out what local places help pregnant women with alternatives to abortion and will continue to do what I can to promote and support them and become involved with the Pro-Life movement.

To find out more about the Gosnell murder trial and why his clinic was called a “House of Horrors,” there are two places to go: Who Is Gosnell? and 3801Lancaster.com. You can also follow the tweets. #Gosnell #GosnellMurders #3801Lancaster #KermitGosnell. Also, you can do a Google News search.

And please speak up until Gosnell-preventing legislation is in place AND regulations enforced. Bare minimum will be a huge victory, and a giant step toward a culture of life.

Thank you.

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