Premeditated organ harvesting via partial birth abortion & what you can do to stop it.

UPDATE 7/21: Second Planned Parenthood Senior Executive Caught On Undercover Video. Dr. Mary Gatter, President of the Planned Parenthood Medical Directors’ Council, who now oversees the Pasadena affiliate (sold to Novogenix through the Los Angeles affiliate before that), haggles over the price, admits “Ian” will change the procedure so it is less “crunchy” — so as to produce an in tact (alive) “specimen”. On to the original post…but how many other undercover videos are there left to release?

Update 8/3: Obviously, there have been more vids. Watch all of them. Contact your senators and urge them to defund Planned Parenthood.


I teach my boys (age 14 and 17) Christian apologetics, especially during summer break. Yesterday we read Tim Keller’s chapter from The Reason for God on knowing God exists through knowing right and wrong, and today we started Douglas Groothuis’ chapter from Christian Apologetics on the moral argument, which was written before the Supreme Court ruling on marriage, referred to Nazi experimentation on children (segued into current event of Planned Parenthood harvesting baby organs using partial birth abortion), and obliterated the idea that cultures create rights. We watched the first undercover video that caught the Senior Director of Medical Services of Planned Parenthood, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, admitting three ways Planned Parenthood and affiliates she oversees are violating the law as a matter of policy–the “reasonable people” among them, anyway:


1. Premeditation in performing abortions for the purpose of harvesting organs, seen in their “huddles” that determine which procedures they will use on each “case” that day, depending on what organs have been ordered, and what can most-likely be harvested from each “case”. Federal law prohibits abortions performed for the purpose of donating tissue, and the procedure to be changed in order to collect tissue. See Public Law 103-43; 6-10-93, NIOH Revitalization Act Of 1993, Title I – Gen Provisions RE: Title IV Of Public Health Service Act, Pt G, Sec. 498A.
11759423_671489502984267_1496413569_n2. They change their abortion procedures to make it possible to harvest certain organs (see 1). See Public Law 103-43; 6-10-93, NIOH Revitalization Act Of 1993, Title I – Gen Provisions RE: Title IV Of Public Health Service Act, Pt G, Sec. 498A. The really frustrating thing is they get the mother’s consent *after* the abortion is complete, so *on paper* it looks legal
11748827_671489499650934_1956589060_n-13. They use partial birth abortion to harvest the head in tact. Partial birth abortions are banned–that “breech” procedure the doctor references. This is a federal felony punishable up to 2 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $250,000. (18 U.S. Code 1531). The crushing she refers to is how abortion doctors kill the baby. So if they are avoiding crushing vital organs, they are basically dealing with a born-alive infant, and any further action taken to kill him or her is homicide (1 U.S. Code 8). Future generations will look back on our partial birth abortion ban as an idiotic delusion (I pray)…thinking that abortion is murder outside the womb, but totally fine inside the womb. But who is going to go into abortion clinics and make sure the babies are murdered INSIDE rather than OUTSIDE, much less make sure they aren’t just being harvested for their organs? How can this even be stopped? The partial birth abortion ban is also an idiotic delusion because NO ONE ENFORCES IT.

My sons and I talked about the delusion of the partial birth abortion ban (still murder before baby changes location, and not enforced) and had a long discussion about what determines a person’s worth. Painfully good discussion that needed to happen, aided by Defenders classes we’d been watching on divine omniscience and foreknowledge. Would you (should God) kill Hitler as a baby? Apparently it’s been on Ethan’s mind, and ties all of this together. Grace and love being a free choice was at the center of the answer.

At least one northern California Planned Parenthood affiliate sold baby parts to StemExpress. Which one? Was it more than one? Is it still happening? I hope they investigate this thoroughly.

11705355_670443066422244_4564385257253220751_nStemExpress sold baby parts in bulk at pretty pricy discounts. It is illegal (42 U.S. Code 274e, 289g-2) to make money off donated parts. See Public Law 103-43; 6-10-93, NIOH Revitalization Act Of 1993, Title I – Gen Provisions RE: Title IV Of Public Health Service Act, Pt G, Sec. 498B.

11692727_670443089755575_2949163843821522613_nBut according to Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director, turned pro-life advocate, “as long as they qualify the cost as ‘preservation, storage, collection,’ etc., it’s legal. … It can be high. The law says the cost can’t be ‘prohibitive’…which is totally subjective.” Down with all that noise!!!

It’s times like these that Moses begged God not to destroy the people. What kind of man was Moses, that he had such a heart for the people? No wonder God put him in charge.

The sad thing is, folks are getting upset about the sell of baby parts, but what about the daily murder of babies?

11225443_922984011100947_7228522652330048992_nMaybe we can end medically unnecessary abortion by investigating and defunding Planned Parenthood, if an investigation is even possible, and finding that this is just business as usual? Gosnell wasn’t enough. Karpen wasn’t enough. All the undercover videos and abortion worker confessions were apparently not enough. Even the Supreme Court can pause the laws we pass to shut these vultures down. Like slippery mobsters with jailhouse lawyers, will Planned Parenthood get away with it yet again, or can we finally make something stick?

What is Planned Parenthood’s response to these allegations? Cecile Richards says that it is “important and compassionate” that we let them chop our babies up, so that others might live. It is so pathetically sad that a woman could utter such garbage and somehow not be able to see it for what it is.

Apparently, an investigation has been launched by the House Judiciary Committee. How far will it get? God bless and protect these investigators. May they take abortion down. Let’s keep doing what we can to get behind this and support them as much as possible.

I have received some push-back from those who think it is unChristian to expose this evil. I don’t know how they arrived at that conclusion. Do these little ones not qualify as “the least of these“?


(Comment below to add another petition to this list.)


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