The Seven Acts of the Universe, in Reverse

abell426_franke_900Final Act-

Everywhere it is cold and still.
The final frontier is the only thing,
but there is only darkness to explore.

Act 6-
Things could not be moving faster and
further away from eachother, drawn away
by oblivion.

Act 5-
Galaxies brighten the abyss
as their supernovae shrink into stars
that dilute into multicolored nebulae.
The stage is set.

Act 4-
Untold numbers of solar systems host
civilizations that come to life at the height of their
technological and cultural advancement
or decay.

One among many imagines
a series of flashing moments and laments
that they are just a collection of scenes
from a selfish life who always seeks only what
she wants for herself.

Act 3-
Peering out with curious eyes
at mysterious moons and constellations,
her people blink from existence almost as soon
as they forget
how to master fire and oral traditions.

Act 2-
The stage is broken down as
planets fall apart and turn to stardust,
stars blink out and turn to spacedust,
the dust moves out away from itself, stretched
into a bright heat that shrinks rapidly until…

Act 1-
it collapses into the dark and motionless singularity.

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