Does Theism Foster Scepticism? | Reasonable Faith

Does Theism Foster Scepticism? | Reasonable Faith — These Q&A by Dr. William Lane Craig come right to my Inbox.  I found this one particularly interesting.  It mentions Plantinga’s argument against naturalism, Descarte’s evil demon (with a deceptive God version), as well as the “brain in a vat”.  The question, which is one that has been bothering me for a while, but is written by Brian, is short and to the point, and the answer is just long enough to do the job.  Enjoy :)

About Maryann

Maryann Spikes is the past President of the Christian Apologetics Alliance. She blogs at Ichthus77, and loves apologetics and philosophy. In particular she loves to study all things Euthyphro Dilemma and Golden Rule. Formerly a para-educator (autism) for five years, she holds a Certificate in Christian Apologetics from Biola University, an AA in Humanities via Modesto Junior College, and moonlights as a freelancer on Upwork. You can follow her on Twitter @Ichthus77, connect with the Ichthus77 community on Facebook, or look her up on Google+.
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