Can you turn these into t-shirts and images for me?

If you know how to design these t-shirts, contact me!  I want somewhere on each t-shirt.  No pocket t-shirts, and no close-fitting t-shirts.  I hate white t-shirts, primary colors and pastels.  I will give this project to whomever can provide quality work at minimum cost.  If anyone would be interested in having one of these t-shirts, reply in the comments or email me, and I’ll see about getting several made to sell.  If you can turn each of these ideas into images that can be shared on social networks, that would fetch you a bonus.




Our hunger for meaning
can be satisfied
like our hunger for nutrition
or we would not have evolved it.
How to be
What to do
The ultimate end
…is self=Other love.
self=Other is supposed to be gold-colored, because it represents the Golden Rule

An Ichthus fish, combined with a Darwin fish.
(To show that they do not contradict each other.)
I want one that can go on any color t-shirt, including black, and it doesn’t have to be brown like this one:
Combine number 2 and number 4 into one shirt.
-Golden Rule-
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3 Responses to Can you turn these into t-shirts and images for me?

  1. Razor Swift says:

    I don't know how to make shirts but I know a little bit about marketing. If you're planning to sell these, make sure that your got them trademarked so no one steals your ideas! I hope you already have. Take care.

  2. Razor Swift says:

    Correction: you got

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