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Richard Dawkins: The Empty Chair

Pictured below is the Empty Chair that was reserved for Dawkins to follow the eighth commandment he quoted in The God Delusion:  “Never seek to censor or cut yourself off from dissent; always respect the right of others to disagree … Continue reading

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Answering Jerry Coyne and Jason Thibodeau on the Euthyphro Dilemma

Maryann, Matt, Tom and Jerry (missing:  Jason) I’m writing this blog post to get in on the most recent Euthyphro Dilemma dilemma between atheist biologist Jerry Coyne and my fellow Christian Apologetics bloggers Matt Flannagan of MandM and Tom Gilson … Continue reading

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ISWA-U free on-line apologetics curriculum for women coming October 28

The International Society for Women in Apologetics (ISWA) has put together a curriculum to get women all over the world equipped in knowing why we believe and how to answer objections to the Christian faith.  Free audio and video lectures by … Continue reading

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Confident Christianity Conference in the Dallas/Fort Worth area

There are 2 weeks left until the Confident Christianity Apologetics conference in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  There are folks coming from as far as Oklahoma City and Houston. Some of the amazing speakers include JP Moreland, Craig Hazen, Clay Jones and Michael Keas.  The whole … Continue reading

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Picked Up Poetry (etc.)

Each poem posted in the order in which it was written, opposite the order in which it was picked up, oddly enough… Ana Kata to the Infinite Well “Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity?” (Job … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins: Greatest no-show on earth?

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San Francisco Atheists interested to see Dawkins debate Craig

When asked what they thought about the prospect of an October 25th debate in Oxford between Professor Richard Dawkins and Professor William Lane Craig, the San Francisco Atheists were of the same general opinion: they are interested. An SF Atheists … Continue reading

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Questions Jesus Asked

In preparing for an upcoming apologetics workshop I came across some discussion of the questioning style of Jesus.  I love how Jesus used questions to get people to think for themselves.  I sent out a request on Facebook for a list of all … Continue reading

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