ISWA-U free on-line apologetics curriculum for women coming October 28

The International Society for Women in Apologetics (ISWA) has put together a curriculum to get women all over the world equipped in knowing why we believe and how to answer objections to the Christian faith.  Free audio and video lectures by and for women will start becoming available October 28, with more to come in the future.  Each lecture comes with a workbook.  Go here to see some of the subject titles and an overview of what ISWA-U is all about. 

“Here are just a few:  Truth. The Deity of Christ. The Defense of the Resurrection. Women, Apologetics, and Evangelism. Finding God at Harvard. The Challenges of Equipping the Next Generation.”  (status update from ISWA’s Facebook page

In this interview, ISWA’s president, Sarah Ankenman, The Valley Girl Apologist, talks about why the upcoming ISWA-U apologetics curriculum is important for women:

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