Christian Carnival CCCLXXXIV

Welcome to what should have been the June 15, 2011 edition of christian carnival ii.

There was a glitch with blogcarnival, so Fish and Cans is rescheduling for a later date.  All apologies that this was not posted Wednesday.  All Things New is up for Wednesday the 22nd.

KAZBullet presents What I’m Thinking: Caprice/Son? posted at Bullet’s Brain, saying, “Is God a capricious God? Does He change his mind? That’s what this blog post addresses. Thanks!”

Cowboy Bob presents Opinions, Traditions or Convictions? posted at A Soldier for Jesus, saying, “Hello, I’m new here. Do I wait until I’m approved before I put the widget on the post? Thanks for your time. Hope you like it. Cowboy Bob”  Answer:  No, go ahead and slap that widget on your post.

Jeremy Pierce presents Abortion and Incurred Responsibility posted at Parableman, saying, “on sex and consenting to care for resulting children”

Kaleb presents Only the Players Get Paid posted at W2W Soul: Windows to The Woman’s Soul, saying, “If you have ever gone to a college or professional basketball or football game where the arena or stadium is sold out, you know the spectators far outnumber the players.”

Dan Lower presents Dan Reads the Catechism: Paragraph 103 and the Kneeling Argument posted at keyboard theologians, saying, “An interesting [post] about presences…”

loswl presents Scientific Accuracy in the Bible Revealed posted at INSPIKS, saying, “The Bible is not primarily a book of science, but it does contain numerous scientific facts. We laugh at some of the scientific data that was available just a few hundred years ago. If man alone were the author of the Bible, we would expect to find many such errors contained in it.”

michelle presents contentment is a choice? posted at going into all the earth….

Russ White presents Sheep and Shepherds posted at Thinking in Christ.

Dave Taylor presents The rise of the holier-than-thou post-evangelical posted at Letters from another life, saying, “It’s become trendy and fashionable in some circles not to call oneself an evangelical. Are we supposed to believe this signals improvement, or is it just another form of sanctimony?”

Josh presents Bible Verses For Encouragement: 20 Great Scripture Quotes posted at What Christians Want To Know, saying, “We all need encouragement and the Bible provides this. Check out these great encouragement Bible verses.”

Ridge Burns presents Obey Even When It Hurts posted at Ridge’s Blog.

Kaleb presents Give Me Patience—Right Now! | W2W Soul posted at W2W Soul: Windows to The Woman’s Soul, saying, “To coin a beloved phrase by Joyce Meyer: “ I’m not where I need to be but thank God I’m not where I used to be!”

Diane R presents How Socialist Movements REALLY work posted at Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet, saying, “Today we have another group of socialist-oriented Christians that really think they can help the poor, but they will end up hurting them just like their predecessors.”

I present San Francisco Atheists interested to see Dawkins debate Craig and Central Valley location of first CAA chapter posted here at Ichthus77.

That concludes this edition.   Submit your blog article to the next edition of christian carnival ii using our carnival submission form.   Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.  “Like” us and stay updated on Facebook! :)

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1 Response to Christian Carnival CCCLXXXIV

  1. loswl says:

    Thank you for hosting, better late than never, be blessed :)

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