Central Valley location of first CAA chapter

Have you heard of Christian Apologetics Alliance (CAA) yet? CAA is a recently formed group of Christian bloggers started by Scott Rachui (The Christian Worldview) and Chris Reese (Cloud of Witnesses). The Central Valley is the location of CAA’s first local chapter.

Dedicated to sharing their faith in Jesus Christ by engaging others on a wide range of subjects related to apologetic and theological principles, the goal of CAA is to demonstrate that faith is based in evidence and reason. With this in mind they are collecting together the various blogs published by their membership, which continues to grow.

CAA will provide a list of these blogs and will share the latest posts from each of them** in a weekly round-up on the CAA blog. They have a Facebook fan page which is open to any sort of apologetics-related question one could ask as well as a private Facebook group which provides a Gospel-centered on-line community where apologetics-minded Christians from a variety of denominations and stances (on Calvinism, evolution, etc.) can collaborate on events, share resources, provide constructive criticism and joke around. You can also follow CAA on Twitter.

A few local CAA members are beginning a Central Valley Chapter, including Brian Vallotton, Dr. Kenny Rhodes (Scofield Seminary, sermon podcast, Reason for Hope podcast, sermonaudio.com sermons), Peter Sean Bradley (Lex Communis), Jonathan Deundian (Defeating Defeaters), Mikel del Rosario (Apologetics Guy), Dave Brown (the philosoraptor) and myself (Ichthus77).

All local apologists, whether in training or seasoned, are invited to join CAA Central Valley Chapter to organize apologetics events in local churches and gather to attend more distant events, like the upcoming EPS conference in Berkley.

To join CAA, send email to caaliance@gmail.com. Once a member of CAA, contact ichthus77@hotmail.com to join CAA Central Valley Chapter.

Featured resource: How to get apologetics in your church

**the preceding adapted from the CAA website.

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