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Outside the Box: on the ‘extended mind’ hypothesis by Christopher Norris

Philosopher Christopher Norris, whose book Epistemology is discussed here on Ichthus77, has granted me permission to post the following as a guest post and enter it into the most recent Philosophers’ Carnival.  It was written a couple weeks back and … Continue reading

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Philosophers’ Carnival #127

Welcome to the June 27, 2011 edition of Philosophers’ Carnival.  First those blog posts which were actually submitted will be listed, followed by blog posts which were gleaned.  If you submitted a good post that was not included, please know there … Continue reading

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Philosophers’ Carnival call for submissions

I’ll be hosting the next Philosophers’ Carnival on June 27 (submit by June 25).  Email submission if need be. . Some topics I’d like to see in the submissions: How can an objectively true moral ‘ought’ correspond to the ‘is’ of reality? … Continue reading

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Christian Carnival CCCLXXXIV

Welcome to what should have been the June 15, 2011 edition of christian carnival ii. There was a glitch with blogcarnival, so Fish and Cans is rescheduling for a later date.  All apologies that this was not posted Wednesday.  All Things New … Continue reading

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Central Valley location of first CAA chapter

Have you heard of Christian Apologetics Alliance (CAA) yet? CAA is a recently formed group of Christian bloggers started by Scott Rachui (The Christian Worldview) and Chris Reese (Cloud of Witnesses). The Central Valley is the location of CAA’s first … Continue reading

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