Stanislaus Quatrain

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 1.32.28 PM

Linger down good ol’ Briggsmore or McHenry;

sun-bathed tulip trees and queen palms line these

rarely wet streets plastered with autumns’ leaves.

Murmurations of starlings eclipse Scenic’s foothills.


Submitted to MoSt for inclusion in the Stanislaus Poem.

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The Seven Acts of the Universe, in Reverse

abell426_franke_900Final Act-

Everywhere it is cold and still.
The final frontier is the only thing,
but there is only darkness to explore.

Act 6-
Things could not be moving faster and
further away from eachother, drawn away
by oblivion.

Act 5-
Galaxies brighten the abyss
as their supernovae shrink into stars
that dilute into multicolored nebulae.
The stage is set. Continue reading

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With Dad On A Windy Day

Jay foxtailFox tails move violently
past our feet.
I brace myself against
the hair whipping my face,
wind pushing so hard
against me,
I stumble.

“Woah! That wind’s
going to take you away!”
Dad shouts.
He doesn’t know I take
everything literally.
I grip his hand tighter.

“I got ya!” he booms, stronger
than the wind.

I tame my wild hair
with my free hand.
I am in the moment,
walking in the wind, through
chaotic grass, but at least
still on the ground.

He knows I won’t let go
and I know he won’t
let the wind
take me away.

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Growing Up

stock-footage-boy-is-holding-a-model-aircraft-in-his-hand-one-summer-dayOn my way to my desk
in my office, I open the window
to the spring-autumn scent and birdsong.
Below it, under the drum stool,
sits an old Marvin the Martian toy.
Which of my sons left it there?—probably the oldest.

He still plays with toys despite
being in high school.
He flies and flips them through the air
and bombs everything with their
imagined weapons
and his special-effects noises. Kbpshhhh!

That never gets old.
I wish children never got old.

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Ichthus77 2013 in retrospect

I didn’t get a lot of blogging done after the summer in 2013 because when I wasn’t helping my dad digitize his records or freelancing (those typos in the footers aren’t mine, but who’s looking, right?), I was busy helping The Christian Apologetics Alliance move to a new host, and I went to school full-time in the fall to finish up a couple degrees. Before that, I managed to revisit or hammer out some stuff at my old blog, this blog,, and The Christian Apologetics Alliance (even a bit of poetry at the end).

Over at the other Ichthus77:

Hell or Heaven: What about those who have never heard the gospel?

Blog index for Douglas Groothuis’ “Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith”
Defining the good: The Golden Rule
May 2013 Christian Carnival: #Gosnell & #INHUMAN
#Gosnell tweets you are free to snag
Why do I tweet so much about #Gosnell?
“Objections to Faith” by David Spikes (12 yrs. old)
Undesigned Coincidences in the Bible by Tim McGrew
A “Twelve Facts” resurrection logic puzzle
Biblical faith in the “unseen” does not equal “blind” faith.
Rejecting grace because the evil don’t pay?
The difference between atheism, theism, and agnosticism.
Ichthus77′s first newsletter
The Moral Argument
“Churches for Apologetics” petition
Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Faith for Kids” summary with commentary

Here on *this* Ichthus77:

What I’ve been e-doing about the web… You can see how much of what I set out to do in 2013 actually got done, because many of the projects mentioned in that article are listed in this blog post. :)
Adding A Canonical Link
Bible Study Methods
Bible Narrative Project

Over at

4 ways to do apologetics with your family
Apologetics Daily: Easter Review
3 things to consider about the problem of evil, suffering and hell
Gosnell “House of Horrors” late-term abortion, overdose death trial
Abortion industry hides pedophilia while others push for normalization
I also began the process of migrating articles that aren’t local to Modesto or San Francisco over to my new National Christian Apologetics Examiner title.

Last, but not least, my blogs over at The Christian Apologetics Alliance:

Community Apologetics: Starting with your family
A Different Argument from Morality
If God is good and all-powerful, why does he not prevent evil, suffering and hell?
Did the concept of monotheism socially evolve?
Is #Gosnell #INHUMAN?
Does the evidence matter, or is it mere distraction?
Poem: Does God allow evil and suffering?

My next blog post (beyond four scheduled posts that share poetry) will tell you what’s in store for 2014. :)

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Bible Study Methods

51rzXL9o+PL._SL210_I panned Rick Warren’s “Bible Study Methods” for nuggets which can be used in this Bible Narrative Project study.

The emphasis will be on observing, asking questions, interpreting and applying—recording everything in a journal, and sharing at least some of it at the Project.

Tools:  Zondervan’s NASB Study Bible.  I also have an exhaustive concordance, a Bible dictionary, lexicons, atlas, a Bible handbook and other tools.  I will also use for additional translations and easier-to-use lexicons, as well as commentaries, et cetera. Continue reading

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Adding A Canonical Link

Hello…this is a brief tutorial on how to add a “canonical link” to the source of a blog post whose content consists of an off-site blog post. This is important because search engines will not list duplicate content. If you add a canonical link to every copy except the original blog post, you keep search engines happy with all the sites involved.

You know what’s really great about demonstrations? They help you understand how to do things by showing you, instead of ranting endlessly about theory.

If you look below the box where these words appear, you will see the word “Canonical” above the words “Canonical link for this page” which are to the left of the address “; <—that is the canonical link. It is not enough to simply type:

The real deal is located here.

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