6 blogposts you won’t find on Ichthus77

CAA_BannerSometimes I do stuff somewhere else. Here are 6 of those times, over at The Christian Apologetics Alliance:

Does The Moral Argument Reify Subjective Morality? 10/7/14

Matthew Lawrence wrote in this question and gave permission to blog it and my answer below:

Hello Christian Apologetics Alliance. I would like to first off say thank you for the resources that you’ve given to me. This has helped me boost my faith up greatly. (cont. at link above)

Initial Thoughts: Copan & Litwak’s “The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas” 8/12/14

The CAA is participating in Apologetics 315’s weekly Read Along program. We are reading “The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas: Paul’s Mars Hill Experience for Our Pluralistic World” by Paul Copan and Kenneth D. Litwak. (cont. at link above)

Apologetics youth leader Q&A: What works?! 4/18/14

I asked members of the CAA and subgroups: “If you lead a youth group that successfully incorporates apologetics, I need to know as soon as possible. I want to brag about your success to other youth pastors who seek info. on this. I need to know your style, as well.

This is what some of them answered—and this is just a small sampling of those who could have answered…I didn’t give them much advance notice! (cont. at link above)

Poem: Does God allow evil and suffering? 12/16/13

Does God allow evil and suffering?

Can you look me level in the eyes
and tell me what some people do
to hurt little kids is not evil? (cont. at link above)

Does the evidence matter, or is it mere distraction? 11/12/13

What miraculous event would remove all doubt that God exists? I spent some time as an atheist in my early-to-mid twenties. I knew there was no convincing evidence for God’s existence. I didn’t buy the “God says it, I believe it, that settles it,” mantra, or the “Faith takes over where reason leaves off” stand-by. I still don’t, even after becoming a Christian. (cont. at link above)

CAA_logo_trans_smallCommunity Apologetics: Starting with your family 1/18/13

Before you venture out on your voyage to becoming a community apologist, it’s time for a status check.  Fellow CAA blogger, Austin Gravley, points out that becoming a community apologist ripples out from your relationship with Jesus.  The next peak in the ripple:  If you have a family, they are the first community for which you are responsible.  Before you swim off to prevent or resolve the faith crises in your community, make sure you take care of the same issues in your own home. (cont. at link above)


I’m not the only blogger over at the CAA. Check out all the great authors.

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