Answering Lawrence Krauss’ marking Higgs Boson as "Godless" Particle

Scientists have found a subatomic particle they think may be the long-invoked Higgs Boson.  In a blog called Cosmic Log on, Alan Boyle quotes an email from Lawrence Krauss that deems the Higgs Boson the “Godless Particle”.

To learn what the Higgs Boson ‘is’ watch this short YouTube video by Minute Physics.

To hear more about what it is, and its implications (if any) about God, watch this interview on Reasons to Believe.

Also helpful (and/or funny)–

The Higgs Boson: Discovered or Nonexistent? — Today’s New Reason to Believe
The “God Particle” Is a Stupid Name — Proslogion
God particle found — Quodlibeta
More from C.A.S.E. (Christian Apologetics Search Engine):  search for Higgs Boson.

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