New Additions to "Blogs" and Apologetics Daily

Christian Apologetics Alliance and its off-shoot, Apologetics Bloggers Alliance, have grown between my departure and return to Facebook, requiring some updates to my Blogs page, and, here shortly, Apologetics Daily:

Appeared to Blogly – Chad McIntosh

Attempts at Honesty – Mark McIntyre

Baltimore Christianity Examiner – Joel Furches

Brave Faith – Tim Evko

Captivating Every Thought – Michael Kenan Baldwin 

Christ My Redeemer – Christopher Copan Scott

Cloud of Witnesses

Columbia Christianity Examiner – Alan Anderson

David Haines

The Failed Atheist – Daniel Rodger, Philip Duncalfe

Freedom In Truth – Chris Jeppson

God Evidence – Scott Youngren

The Gospel According to Erik – Erik Manning

groundedINtruth – Kevin Zehnder

in Christ alone – Evan Garrett

Just A Guy Named Jon (Formerly The PhilippiansOne Blog) – Jon Bolie

The Passive Habit – Cameron J. English

Penny of a Thought – Sarah Abbey

Plumb Bob Blog – Phil Weingart 

Prolife Apologetics – Daniel Rodger

Prolife Musician – Clinton Wilcox

The Rational Christian – Scott Rachui

Servants of Grace – Dave Jenkins

The Unknown – Phil Duncalfe

Veridisciple – Mark Colvin
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