Christian Carnival May 16, 2012

Welcome back to the Christian Carnival :)  This edition of the carnival I would like to wish my groom of 15 years a very happy anniversary!  God has truly blessed me with you, my soul mate and genuine friend who has been there even when times are hard.  Everywhere you are is home to me, ever since you got stung rescuing my humble sandals from the bees.  I love you, Lee :)

Now, then…you came for some blog posts, didn’t you?

We’ll start off with your submissions and follow up with the most recent May posts by Christian Apologetics Alliance bloggers.

Your submissions:

Red Button, Yellow Button by Chris Psallo at Charis:  Subject to Change:  “Profound insight from a young child on walking with Jesus.”

The Humean-Platonic tripartite (Ought-Is-Belief) theory of (moral) knowledge posted by myself at Ichthus77: “Our beliefs, moral or otherwise, in order to count as knowledge, must be ‘both’ justified (ought) by good reasons and true (is) to reality, satisfying both Plato and Hume.”

As a Man Thinketh in His Heart… by John Marcott at Walking Towards the Light: “Until thought it linked with purpose, there is no intelligent accomplishment. With the majority, the ship of thought is allowed to ‘drift’ upon the ocean of life…”

Windows of Wisdom – Proverbs 9:1-12 by Annette at Fish and Cans: “Learning more about what it means to be wise and how that impacts my life.”

Did God have a son? by Christian at Christian View: “This site describes some of the probelms in Biblical themes.”

almost there…24 days to go by Michelle at ‘adventures of a girl who loves Jesus’: “24 days till I head out with Mercy Ships!”

Act Like Men! by Barry Wallace at who am i?: “Act like men! (1 Cor. 16:13) — what does that mean?”

Unless the Lord Builds the House (Psalm 127) by Ridge Burns (submitted by Shannon Christman) at Ridge’s Blog: “Character that is beyond what we do comes when we are in tune with Christ, and the Lord builds the house not with brick and mortar, but with strong character and a spirit of cooperation, love, and dependence on Him.”

When to Leave Your Small Group by Sarah at That is What Sed Said: “Christian small groups can be a blessing. But if you’re not growing in your faith or the group is a discouragement, how do you go about leaving?”

Thankyou for your submissions!

And here are the most recent May posts from Christian Apologetics Alliance bloggers:

Always Have a Reason – J.W. Wartick:
Apologetics 315 – Brian Auten
Apologetics Guy – Mikel Del Rosario:

Christian Apologetics and Intelligence Ministry – Michael Boling & Jim Latour:
Christian Apologetics UK – group blog:
Deeper Waters – Nick Peters:
Dove Theology – Calum Miller:
Faith and Self-Defense – Mark McGee:
Faithful Thinkers – Luke Nix:
Hard-Core Christianity – Melissa Travis:
Hieropraxis – Holly Ordway:
The Poached Egg – Greg West et al:
Possible Worlds – Randy Everist:
Proslogian – Dr. Jay L. Wile:
Ratio Christi @ OSU – Eric Chabot et al:
The Real Issue – Rob Lundberg:
Reasons for God – Carson Weitnauer:
Say Hello to My Little Friend – Glenn Andrew Peoples:
Sententias – Max Andrews:
Songs of a Semi-Free Man – Stephen McAndrew:
Thinking Christian – Tom Gilson:
TrueU – Mike Keas et al:
The Two Books Approach – Greg Reeves:
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