Christian Carnival

Welcome to the January 11, 2012 edition of christian carnival ii. We have so many great submissions this week, and I’ve also gleaned from the recent offerings of fellow members of Christian Apologetics Alliance.

problem of pain, suffering, evil

It was interesting to find a few submissions on this topic so I decided to make a category out of it for this edition. I also added a few I gleaned from recent Christian Apologetics Alliance offerings.

Richard presents “Don’t You Want To Be Healed?” posted at Mission Blog.

Rodney Olsen presents Losing Everything posted at The Journey – Life : Faith : Family.

Sarah presents Suffering and Death posted at This is what Sed said.

From Christian Apologetics Alliance members:

Christiana Szymanski blogged Quote of the Week: Ravi Zacharias On The Problem of Evil posted at In Defense of the Christian Faith.

Wintery Knight blogged Why does God allow his creatures to suffer? posted at Wintery Knight.

other apologetics from The Alliance

Brian Auten blogged 10 Pitfalls of the Foolish Apologist posted at Apologetics 315.

Mikel Del Rosario blogged William Jessup University Student – Understanding Apologetics was a Turning Point in My Life posted at Apologetics Guy.

Stephen Bedard blogged Religion as a Quest for Afterlife posted at Hope’s Reason.

Cory Tucholski blogged Contradiction Tuesday: Jesus in the Pecking Order posted at Josiah Concept Ministries.

Blake Anderson blogged The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Expanding Atheist Clubs, Bad Religion, & A Washington D.C. Rally posted at Ratio Christi.

Rob Lundberg blogged Sunday Morning Quote posted at The Real Issue.

Glenn Peoples blogged “God of the Living” – William Tyndale and the Resurrection posted at Say Hello to My Little Friend.

Greg West blogged J.P. Moreland: The Prophets Appealed to Evidence posted at The Poached Egg.

Melissa Travis blogged Book Review: John Lennox’s Seven Days That Divide the World posted at Hard-Core Christianity.

other ‘than’ apologetics from The Alliance

Tom Gilson blogged Sherlock Holmes vs. Hugo (and Why Hugo Should Win) posted at Evangel | A First Things Blog.

Austin Gravley blogged The Spirit, Isaiah 6, and God’s Timely Calling posted at Another Ascending Lark.

Holly Ordway blogged A Sonnet for The Kilns posted at Hieropraxis.


Annette presents Psalm 108 posted at Fish and Cans.

Josh presents Easter Bible Verses – 20 Awesome Scripture Quotes posted at What Christians Want To Know, saying, “Check out these inspiring Bible verses about Easter and
the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

Justin Raby presents Day 5: Not So Pink posted at Bible in a Month.

Jim Klingenberger presents Unions posted at Xulonjam’s Blog, saying, “Not sure how to categorize this. It came out of a couple of interactions, one on a secular board and another on a Christian board. I am defending Unions from the charges which are popular these days, particularly the idea that Unions are anti-Christian.” By the way, we’re talking ‘labor’ unions here.

Zowada presents what are you passionate about? posted at Zowada Blog, saying, “Our words reflect our passions.” Matt, you are a very insightful 16-year-old!…assuming you are still 16.

For the Tim Tebow fans, Rebecca LuElla Miller presents Platforms And Purpose posted at A Christian Worldview of Fiction, saying, “The topic is actually Christian living, not really a devotional, but none of the other categories fit. Here’s a key excerpt: “The size of the platform does not dictate the value of the ministry or reduce the importance of the purpose God has given to each. “”

Ridge Burns presents Telling God the Whole Story posted at Ridge’s Blog.

Chris Price presents Study on American Religion and the Community posted at American Church History.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of christian carnival ii using our carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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