Christian Carnival

Welcome to the November 9, 2011 edition of christian carnival ii.

I’d like to mention two pieces of news before you dig in to this feast.

1. Mark Deviny of Christian Apologetics Alliance has put together a new Christian apologetics search engine named C.A.S.E., appropriately. Currently searches 200+ apologetics sites and growing.

2. William Lane Craig’s half of his debate with the empty chair formerly known as Richard Dawkins (we love you anyway) is now viewable on YouTube.

Aoide-Melete-Mneme presents Thoughts on Mark posted at à la mode de les Muses, saying, “Touching upon the touchy topic of charitable giving.”


Wintery Knight presents Can atheists know whether God has a reason for allowing pain and suffering? posted at Wintery Knight.

Mark McGee presents Can I Trust The Bible? (Part 5) posted at Faith and Self Defense, saying, “I teach self defense and faith defense. Both can be gentle and powerful – protecting the defender while redirecting the attacker to consider the truth. Our current apologetics study considers the trustworthiness of the Bible.”

Edgar Andrews presents Royal Institution lectures promote atheism posted at Who Made God?.

Dan Rodger presents Redeemed Mind Apologetics: Did Pontius Pilate really release prisoners at Passover or was this just made up by the authors of the Gospels? posted at Redeemed Mind Apologetics, saying, “A short article that provides some evidence for Pontius Pilate letting a prisoner free at Passover.”

Jamie Pellew presents Why Respond to Mormon Claims? posted at Answering Mormons.

Carson Weitnauer presents Is the Bible True? posted at Reasons for God, saying, “The audio and slides from a talk given at Boston University last week on the question, “Is the Bible True?” The talk challenges three common perceptions of the Bible: The Bible is full of myths, contradicts itself, and it has been translated so many times we have no idea what it originally said.”

Yours Truly presents Answering Jerry Coyne and Jason Thibodeau on the Euthyphro Dilemma posted at Ichthus77, saying, “Join the on-going discussion following this blog post from the end of October.”

J.W. Wartick presents Can we evaluate worldviews? How to navigate the sea of ideas posted at J.W. Wartick -“Always Have a Reason”, saying, “Surveys ways we can meaningfully evaluate competing worldviews.”

Stephen McAndrew presents Bankers Into Plowshares? posted at Songs of a Semi-Free Man, saying, “Humanity dreams of the day when swords are turned into plowshares. But our attempts to get to the promised land always fall short. This piece looks at the reason why.”

Glenn Peoples presents Brief thoughts about God’s freedom to command posted at Say Hello to my Little Friend.


Josh presents 22 Great Max Lucado Quotes posted at What Christians Want To Know, saying, “Here are some inspirational quotes from Max Lucado.”

Cindy Jeffrey presents Prayer to be Drawn Closer to God posted at Christian Prayers Daily, saying, “What if we had the wisdom of Solomon and the love of Mother Theresa? “Prayer to be Drawn Closer to God” is an opportunity for us to seek God’s gifts of wisdom and of love.”

Gregory Calvin presents Should Christians reject sports entertainment, theater and movies? posted at Devotional Dave’s Daily Devotions.

Russ White presents Rage Against Reality (Again) posted at Thinking in Christ.

Ridge Burns presents What Is a Church? posted at Ridge’s Blog.

David R Wells presents Angry at God posted at Revelation 3:10 – Blog, saying, “Are you angry at God or are you angry for not getting your way? Are you using your circumstances as an excuse to lash out at God rather than draw closer to Him?”

Zowada presents You just have to follow your heart! posted at Zowada Blog, saying, “Is it always wise to follow your heart?”

Rebecca LuElla Miller presents Adam Loved His Wife Too Much posted at A Christian Worldview of Fiction, saying, “Adam had heard and understood and believed God’s clear command. But on one hand was God, and on the other was his wife, destined to die. Adam, instead of believing that God could display his mercy along with his justice, apparently chose God’s gift instead of God.”

Joe Plemon presents Are Christians Supposed to Help EVERYONE Who Has Needs? posted at Personal Finance By The Book, saying, “How do we know just whom to be helping and when to back away? This post gives some common sense suggestions.”


True Stillwater presents What Are You Grateful For? posted at Letters, Messages, and Prayers, saying, “Thoughts on gratefulness…”

Jennifer in OR presents To honor when it isn’t fair posted at Diary of 1, saying, “Oh, grace to cleanse my irritated soul. The way she shuffles, asks again what day it is, tells me she forgot how to whistle, burps at the table, a thousand ways that need grace.”

Suler Acosta presents “I Guess I Was Showing Love” posted at Mission Blog.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of christian carnival ii using our carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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