The Golden Rule (self=Other) and God

The Golden Rule (treat the Other as self; self=Other, as opposed to self>Other, as in egoism, or self<Other, as in some utilitarian theories) is both…
  • the why (the end; consequentialist/teleological theories) and
  • how (the means; conduct/duty theories) of both
  • being (virtue theory) and
  • doing (conduct/duty theories)
  • (be=do=end).
Only the Golden Rule completely answers each aspect of the question “How and why should we be/behave with the Other/self?” and so it is justified above all other theories in Ethics.
It is found in every major culture/religion, suggesting a hunger which would not exist if there were…
  • nothing to satisfy it
  • nothing to which the Golden Rule corresponds
  • no Being/Doing which is described by the Golden Rule
  • no Being/Doing which commands in accordance with His good nature/essence
  • no Being/Doing which demonstrates the Golden Rule, loving us as He loves Himself, as Christ demonstrated on the cross in taking our place and imputing his righteousness onto us.

Any thoughts this Holy Week?

God (is) the Golden Rule (ought) without offending Hume

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