William Lane Craig v. Sam Harris will indeed be streamed live! :)

This just in regarding the Craig-Harris debate at Notre Dame this Thursday, surrounding the issue “Is the foundation of morality natural or supernatural?”—the long-awaited live-streaming link…

“I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you with an answer about online availability. I got it myself this afternoon. There will be a live stream on http://www.ndtv.net/. On the day of the debate, Thursday April 7 at 7:00, the home page of http://www.ndtv.net/ will be replaced with the live stream. I hope you enjoy it.”

Joe Stanfiel

Joseph Stanfiel, PhD
Assistant Dean
College of Arts & Letters
Office for Undergraduate Studies
University of Notre Dame


Thankyou, Joe Stanfiel!!! :)

Will William Lane Craig be using David Hume’s is-ought fallacy, and Sam Harris’ appreciation of correspondence theory, to question Harris on what his real ought corresponds to in reality? Find out at http://www.ndtv.net/ this Thursday at 7pm EST.

Open letter to William Lane Craig regarding April 7 debate with Sam Harris.
A great preview of the debate over at Wintery Knight.

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