Notes: Joshua 9-11

Joshua 9-11

Bible Narrative Project

Chapter 9: The Gibeonites send a few who pretend to be from far away, to make a covenant which would allow them to live as servants, partially fulfilling Noah’s prophecy regarding Canaan in Genesis 8:25-26.

Chapter 10&11: I love when the Bible talks about Jerusalem before Israel controlled it. First when it was still known as Salem in Genesis 14, and now here in verse 6. As for the sun not going down…perhaps the day just dragged on and on, lol…’course I’m sure God could manage it without any destruction, if it really happened. He defeats these five king finally at Makkedah, then all of southern Palestine, then all of northern Palestine. All that is left of the book of Joshua is review and dividing the land up between the tribes.

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