Notes: Joshua 1-4

Joshua 1-4

Bible Narrative Project

Readings to discuss:
Conquest of Canaan
Did God Command Genocide in the Old Testament?

Chapter one. It’s go time. Be strong and courageous. The two and half tribes are reminded of their obligation to help fight.

Chapter two. Rahab. Sort of reminds me of Tamar. It’s interesting how such women make it in to this grand narrative, isn’t it? Also reminds me of the deliverance of Lot (and Noah)–and Israel’s firstborn. It’s so cool to hear that Israel and her God’s reputation precedes her.

Chapter three: The waters of the Jordan are stopped and the ark stands in the way for Israel to pass on dry ground. As if Jericho weren’t terrified enough. Does wonders for Israel’s confidence in God’s choice of Joshua as they head toward Jericho.

Chapter four: A more correct translation would be “the twelve stones that had been in”.

It’s interesting. We have Rahab and the scarlet cord, parallel to Israel’s Passover. This is followed by crossing the Jordan the way they crossed the Red Sea.

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