Notes: Numbers 14-15, Psalm 90

Numbers 14-15Psalm 90

Bible Narrative Project

Forgot to include chapter 13 in the last one. The spies of the Promised Land (Canaan) are out for forty days (setting the pattern for their wanderings–one day for every year), and all but Joshua and Caleb come back with bad reports that twist the truth, exaggerating the Nephilim live in Canaan. It takes serious guts for Joshua and Caleb to speak up, and God shows up right on time before the people could stone them. Moses, like Abraham, argues with God not to punish them, and God listens, but says Israel will be wandering until the generation of the spies (besides Joshua and Caleb) dies off, and those spies immediately died of plague. Only their children, who they complained would become prey, will enter the Promised Land. In the morning the people ignore the ‘wandering’ part, change their minds and want to take Canaan. Moses says they will be defeated, don’t go–but, again, they ignore him, and they are defeated. Duhh? Like I’m not that stubborn.

Forgot to mention unintentional sin (15:22)…kind of like breaking a law one doesn’t know is on the books. It isn’t talking about unknowingly violating your own conscience, which is impossible.

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