Notes: Exodus 1-3, Psalm 105

Exodus 1-3Psalm 105

Bible Narrative Project

It is 400 years after the prophesy to Abraham (Genesis 15:14) and the Israelites are living in Egypt in Goshen, where they settled after Joseph brought his family down from Canaan. But the pharaoh is not the pharaoh Joseph knew, and this one tries to reduce their number through infanticide (which Moses escapes–God thwarting pharaoh’s goals from the beginning) and has enslaved them for his building projects. Moses begins defending his people, but in such a way that pharaoh seeks to kill him, and he flees to Midian (gets it’s name from one of Abraham’s sons). And again, like others before him, we see him meeting his lady at a well.

It is interesting that the ground is made holy by God’s presence…wherever God is, there it is holy ground. And we are indwelt.

The same “I AM” God is claiming to be…Jesus claims to be later on down the road of this narrative.

The ‘plunder’ according to my notes is in accordance with “the principle of providing gifts to a released slave” which Israel later lives by (Deut 15:12-15).

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