Notes: Genesis 50:1-21, Job 42:10-17

Genesis 50:1-21Job 42:10-17

Bible Narrative Project

Genesis: Israel/Jacob dies and Joseph uses his influence to have a great funeral for him, and honors his father’s wishes to be buried in Canaan. They really go all-out.

Job: Job’s fortunes are restored (though, he can never get his dead back; he didn’t believe in much of an after-life) “when he prayed for his friends”. Love your enemies :) Although in the beginning it says Satan brought adversities on Job, and that God only allowed it–here, at the end, it says the Lord brought it on him. That’s interesting. God takes responsibility for all the suffering in the world, which makes sense, because he is the one ultimately in control. That does not release Satan from his part in it. “Shall we indeed accept good from God, and not accept adversity?” Remember–Aunt Jemimah was named after one of Job’s sons. Great ending: “And Job died, an old man and full of days.”

Note: As Job prays for his friends, Joseph is good to his brothers–neither Job nor Joseph has feelings of revenge :)

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Maryann Spikes is the past President of the Christian Apologetics Alliance. She blogs at Ichthus77, and loves apologetics and philosophy. In particular she loves to study all things Euthyphro Dilemma and Golden Rule. Formerly a para-educator (autism) for five years, she holds a Certificate in Christian Apologetics from Biola University, an AA in Humanities via Modesto Junior College, and moonlights as a freelancer on Upwork. You can follow her on Twitter @Ichthus77, connect with the Ichthus77 community on Facebook, or look her up on Google+.
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