Notes: Genesis 38, Job 26-31

Genesis 38Job 26-31

Bible Narrative Project

Genesis: This story reminds me of David and Bathsheba, when the prophet made up a story and had a woman tell it to King David so he could judge it, when really it applied methaphorically to David’s sin with Bathsheba. Judah was going to have Tamar killed for the very thing he did to her. It is interesting that with-holding children from a woman was seen as a worse offense than a woman having an illegitimate child. A subtle detail is that they ‘said’ they were looking for a ‘temple’ prostitute (was more socially acceptable) when really they were looking for a regular one (so Judah thought)–hence their fear of becoming a laughing stock. Serious case of plank-eye.

Job: Chapter 26. LOST trivia: Abaddon was the name of a LOST character (who is now a Fringe character…and the word “fringes” appears also in chapter 26, NASB). It’s pretty cool that the turban is mentioned in ch. 29. 30:19–“He has cast me into the mire, And I have become like dust and ashes.”

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