Notes: Genesis 25-26, Job 15

Genesis 25-26Job 15

Bible Narrative Project


Jacob and Esau remind me of Cain and Abel. Jacob and Abel are kind of nerdy mama’s boys, and Esau and Cain are the jocks. They just don’t get along. Stories where parents play favorites really bum me out.

How weird that Abimelech (maybe the son or grandson of the Abimelech Abraham and Sarah knew) finds out Isaac is lying about Rebekah being his sister, though this time before anyone tries to take her as his wife. Like father, like son. And yet again there is a thing over the wells, and the dude Phicol (perhaps not the same Phicol). What an unfortunate name.

Job: Eliphaz is not backing down. Job is an opinionated old wind-bag, yadda yadda.

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